15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.

15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead has gone from a black and white comic book to a majorly successful TV series. Who would’ve thought? Flesh-craving zombies, fighting for survival, crazy plot twists, hated characters, and nail-biting cliffhangers, are just some of the things that make The Walking Dead worth watching.

The show now has millions of fans and viewers, waiting eagerly to see what becomes of their favourite characters and how the story unfolds.

Here are some interesting fun facts about the show:

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1/15. All of the principal actors have a "Last Supper" the day they film their death scenes.

2/15. From season to season, the opening titles, and the walkers, "decompose" more and more to show elapsed time.

3/15. No one knows exactly how the virus started or how it is contracted. One theory is that it is not actually contagious, but everyone already has it. When a person dies, they will reanimate as a ‘walker’, regardless of how they were killed.

4/15. Among the common nicknames for the Walking dead that are shared in different groups, are "Walkers", "Lamebrains", "Biters", "Rotters", "Lurkers", "Roamers", "Geeks". The term "Zombie" has never used throughout the course of the series.

5/15. During lunch breaks, the zombie cast would eat together while the human cast ate together.

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