15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.

15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.


6/15. You can buy the same Horton Scout HD 25 Crossbow that Daryl uses on the show at your local Walmart or online for $320.84.

7/15. In an interview on National Public Radio, Steven Yeun (Glenn) said that his parents (who emigrated from Korea as adults) watch the show faithfully but do not always understand the nuances of the English used in it, so they get a bootlegged version with Korean subtitles. Yuen also said that his father once asked him to thank Melissa McBride for saving his life. Even though Yeun reminded his father that it was all make-believe, Mr. Yuen insisted that his son should thank her, which he then did.

8/15. In the comics, Glenn and Maggie end up adopting Sophia, who is Carol's (Melissa McBride) daughter.

9/15. Hershel was the group’s moral compass, and created a safe haven for Rick and his group on his farm. Hershel is no longer on the show, (the character was decapitated by the Governor) but he didn’t say goodbye to the show without a keepsake. He walked away with his fake severed head, and kept it as a mantle piece.

10/15. During an interview, Robert Kirkman claimed Norman Reedus (Daryl) originally auditioned for the part of Merle Dixon. He was rejected, but his audition so intrigued the show-runners that they created the part of Daryl just for him.

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