15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.

15 Mind Blowing Facts About The Walking Dead.


11/15. In season 2, Beth is 17 years old. In reality, Emily Kinney was 25 years old when she joined the cast.

12/15. The walkers have a very loud and unique sound that is a mixture of a growl and groan. However, the walkers are actually absolutely silent during the production. The noises you hear from the walkers are added in post-production. They are also instructed to move like they are leaving a bar at 2 AM.

13/15. The leading character Rick Grimes is from the fictitious King County, Georgia, which is named in honor of Stephen King.

14/15. The name Edwin Jenner, the doctor at the CDC, is a reference to Edward Jenner who developed the first vaccine (which was for smallpox).

15/15. The character who is referred to as the Governor had a stash of 24 heads he stored in tanks. To give them that extra creepy look, they were stained yellow using coffee grounds and tea.


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