15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.

15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.


Living with roommates can feel like living with family, living with ghosts, or living with pigs. Sometimes all three!

People on Reddit were asked: "What's your worst roommate story?" These are some of the best answers.

1/15 My old roommate stole money for "utilities," stole money from other roommates, went on heroin benders, disappeared in his room for days, reappeared and bitched about the house which he hadn't cleaned.


2/15 2 months in, I realized that my roommate was absolutely nasty. We both kept to ourselves pretty much. One day, I went to grab a plate from the cabinet, and noticed we didn't have any clean ones. I look in the dishwasher, and it is only half full. Where are the rest of the plates and glasses you might ask?

I walked into his room, and I would find 7 plates, 10 glasses, all just sitting on his desk. I'd grab them so we can get them clean, and noticed A LOT of mold growing on the bottom plates.

It was so disgusting that I left it there. My roommate came home and I told him he needs to clean his f*cking room, and needs to learn to walk the simple 20 feet from his room to the kitchen to put his dirty dishes away after he eats off of them. He told me to f*ck off and he can do what he wants. 2 weeks later, he got sick as shit from some kind of mold sickness and puked all over the bathroom. I was out of town for work, and come back to a nasty disgustingly smelling bathroom. It was a 3 day old, non cleaned, puke covered bathroom. Lets just say I talked to my landlord and he was nice enough to work with me on our lease paperwork to evict him.


3/15 I had a crazy roommate my junior year of college, let's call her J. There were three of us with our own bedrooms that locked. My good roommate, S, and I had asked J to please either clean up the bathroom after she showered with her boyfriend (they left it a horrific disaster and I don't even want to think about it), or just not shower together at all.

She went apeshit crazy, crying and screaming that we were just jealous of their relationship and trying to keep them apart. She stopped showering completely, and smelled like rank BO for weeks after that. She would type up diatribes about her rights and tape them up to the outside of our apartment door (so our neighbors could stand and gawk at the lunacy going on). She ran into me in public once, slapped the coffee cup from my hand and started screaming at me. An actual CIRCLE OF STRANGERS began to form around us as she berated me for having the audacity to ask her not to destroy the bathroom every time she and her boyfriend f*cked in the shower. At one point she screamed "YOU CAN'T KEEP US APART! WE LOVE EACH OTHER!"

Like this was some f*cking Romeo and Juliet saga and not an absolute bullshit issue that would have been resolved by just mopping up the f*cking floor with a towel.

The morning before we kicked her out was a Sunday. She had slept at her boyfriend's, but set her alarm to play some godawful Sarah McLaughlin song at full volume on repeat starting at 5 am.


4/15 Fundamentalist Christian. Did not believe in science. I remember trying to explain to him that the stars we see are billions of years old, because it takes their light that long to reach us. He kept telling me "that can't be true, we can't see back in time".

Hated white women. Talked about how he would never ever date one because he would never want to father a white child (this is a white dude we are talking about). He said he "knows how evil white people are because I am one, so I know how they think". It felt strange for me (black woman) to have to stick up for white women and white people in general so much.

HATED gay people. Talked about "committing a hate crime the minute I get off the plane" when he had to go to San Francisco. I told him not to say that shit around me, because my sister is gay and she means everything to me. But apparently my sister is fine, because she is a woman, which is sexy, it is only gay men that are evil and hell bound. Insisted that I vacate the living room when he had a friend over, as they couldn't hang out in his room because "two dudes in one room is gay". If you think two men cannot be alone without gay stuff happening, that says something about your sexuality doesn't it?

It was not so much that he had these crazy beliefs that bugged me, it was that he was ALWAYS bringing them up without provocation.


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