15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.

15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.


5/15 My roommate did all of the following:

While we were throwing a party, he locked a few guests in his bedroom with him and set off a bottle rocket inside the room.

When one of my other roommates asked him to do his dishes, he said that the dishes were left out by the cat.

Whenever housework got done (cleaning the bathrooms or the kitchen, or taking out the trash for example) he would complain that he was going to do those things later that day and that we didn't give him the chance to contribute.

He now wonders why I don't really want to associate with him anymore.


6/15 My friend's girlfriend was in need of a roommate. So I offered to take the spot.

First of all, the place was in a ghetto basically. I had a cab give me a ride home one night, and when I gave him my address, he said "Oh, you mean the 'shooting gallery'?"

Secondly, the friend's girlfriend was never there....except apparently when I slept. I'd wake up, and find half eaten food sitting around the house that wasn't there before. And she'd never clean after herself. So if I didn't clean the aftermath of her ninja meals, there would be rotted stinking food laying around. Oh and at this point I'll add that the A/C barely worked. This was in the southwest U.S.....in July.

The final straw was when I was showering for work at 7AM one morning. The lights suddenly shut off. I go to check the circuit breaker and everything appears A-OK. I call her (she usually slept at my friend's house) and no answer. So I end up driving over there after work, and she's sitting squat on the floor playing Final Fantasy. I ask her why the power's off. She says "Oh, they probably got upset because I didn't pay the bill on time." I asked what happened to the money I gave her for power.

Her verbatim reply: "Well I needed money for cigarettes...."


7/15 I had to share a room with my little brother for most of my childhood. There's nothing like coming home from school to find that all your underwear has been stolen.


8/15 My college roommate was a mess.

First, this was a tiny dorm, and she brought a U-HAUL trailer, a Surburban, and a Mustang full of her shit. She wasn't there to study, just to party. She'd stumble into our dorm at 4am, WAKE ME UP and ask if anyone had called for her. Our dorm phone had individual voicemail (this was slightly before everyone had cell phones).

She constantly had booze laying out in plain sight everywhere. I drank, too, but I was a lot smarter about it. I just knew an RA was going to come over and see all that. The kicker was when I returned to the dorm after a weekend visiting my hometown. She had a leaking McDonalds cup resting on my laptop that had been a graduation present from my parents.

I told her I was going to see about moving out. I went down to the admin offices to see what could be arranged. Luckily there was a single room available just down the hall. Yeah it was more money, but well worth it. When I got back to my dorm, my roommate had already moved all my stuff into the hallway!! I hadn't even told her I could indeed move yet, ugh. I was so glad to be out of there.


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