15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.

15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.


13/15 During my second year of university, my best friend moved to my college town to go to school. Her abusive, alcoholic father started stalking her in residence, and she was told in no uncertain terms that she had to leave. I offered to let her crash on my couch until she found a place; all of my other roommates agreed, since they knew how serious her situation was. Things started going sour immediately.

We had two living rooms, and she moved our couch into one of the living rooms and hung curtains to make it "her room". She would yell at us when we stayed up watching TV past her bedtime (since the two living rooms were side-by-side). She ate our food, only paid $25-50 a month for utilities (which was nice, but she would run power 24/7), and literally NEVER cleaned.

Around the time she started bringing home random men and having sex with them in our shower, she went into my room and had a nap in my bed. Apparently she was on her period, and put one of my pillows between her legs to help with cramps. Well, she "leaked" all over my pillow, and instead of telling me she flipped it over and left the room. I found out the next morning, after I woke up to a god-awful bloody mess and though I had a horrible nosebleed. I confronted her and she confessed, and then started crying as she accused me of picking on her.


14/15 Freshman year of college first semester. We were in a forced triple, which basically 3 people crammed into a room meant for 2. 2 desks, 2 dressers, 2 closets, a set of bunk beds, and a cot. I was the "additional occupant" and they were best friends. They would always come home really late and drunk while I was sleeping. Bring back random guys.

One time I woke up to a weird guy in my room when they weren't there, they had given him their key so he could go get their pillows for them. So finally I'm able to move out before the end of the semester into an upperclass dorm with a 21 year old for a roommate. Awesome right? So I walk into the room tell them I'm moving out that night and leave. I come back later with a few friends to grab my shit (They had already rearranged the room and taken my bed out) My friend grabs my filing cabinet and we head down the hall. I look and I see its been all scratched. They carved "BITCH" on 2 sides of it and drew a penis on 2 other sides. Why did they do this? They thought I killed their fish. Their fish that they never fed, or changed the water for...


15/15 I've had 16 different roommates in the past year and a half. You would not believe the stories I have.

My personal favorite is probably first semester of freshman year; I lived in a 4bedroom 2bath suite-style dorm room and the girl next to me was the most ridiculous person ever. I woke up at 7 AM to her earsplitting cries of "Oh daddy! Spank my ass! Harder! Arggh!". Every day. For 5 months. I wish I was exaggerating. And then, after she'd finished, she would go to the sink in our bathroom and make herself vomit.



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