20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.
20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.

20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.


People on Reddit were asked: "Have you ever saved someone's life?" These are some of the best answers.

1/20 Some years ago, was out drinking. Waiting for a bus to go home. Saw a group of teenagers in the bus shelter trying to console their friend. Said friend looked like she was either drunk or concussed. Judging from the conversation, that shed been jumped by another girl from their school and struck her head on a curb, I decided to offer assistance as a first aider. The kids didn't like my diagnosis and recommendation to get her to a hospital immediately, as they'd been out underage drinking and their parents would be upset. I finally convinced one of them that her life was in danger, so he dialed 911.

I spent the next twenty minutes trying to keep this girl conscious. Told the kids to keep her head still and to keep the area clear of bystanders. Her eyes kept rolling up, she kept repeating her words, her pupils were different sizes, it was bad. She was barely responding to pain stimuli when the paramedics showed up. She got strapped to a board and loaded in.

I took the kids to the hospital to be with her and try to convince them to contact their parents. Six hours it took before I got them to get the parents involved. The other kids' parents arrived and also stayed. Naturally I was treated with some suspicion as a twenty something scruffy thug in white Jordans and a bears jersey.

Her folks then arrived and after some reassurance from the other parents I relayed what I knew. We then all waited together after they got the update from the hospital staff. She came out with a neck brace. Went out and had a smoke while her folks had an emotional moment. They thanked me, though i was too outside my own body with fatigue and past terror to remember what I said. I went home at eight in the morning and tried to sleep. Spent the day decompressing instead. Smoked a pack and a half. Quit not too much later after that.


2/20 "Hey man, stay away from the edge of that cliff" And he did.


3/20 I've had 2 situations, both based on the same ailment within the same weekend. My dad's deathly allergic to bees, and keeps and epipen in his truck. When I was 11, we were fishing together and he got stung on the neck. His throat was quickly swelling, causing a lack of air and dizziness, but he managed to say "I need you to run to my truck and get my shot, and stick it in my neck. Go as fast as you can and don't be scared." By the time I got back to him, he was wheezing pretty hard, but I gave him his shot, and within 15-20 minutes, he was able to drive himself to the hospital.

Fast forward roughly 24 hours. My dad had ordered a new epipen, but didn't have it yet. We're working on a treehouse in the backyard and, as luck would have it, he gets stung right under his eye. Within a minute, he can't see. I vividly remember him saying "You ever driven before? You're about to learn." Luckily, I knew the way around our town from lots of bike rides, but learning to drive a manual at 11 years old was a task. But we made it, and he made it.


4/20 My own story is kinda mundane, but I did get a monkey out of it. I was 11, it was probably a 4th of July picnic at my aunt's house. Around dusk, when the adults were all eating on the porch, and the kids were scattered who knows where, I was walking across the backyard to get something to eat. As I passed the pool, I saw a small body floating in it. I remember starting to take one of my velvet mary-janes off (my favorite shoes ever) before I realized I was being stupid and jumped in. It was my 20 month-old cousin, somehow he had crawled up the ladder and fell in. Cousin saved, yada yada.

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