20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.
20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.

20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.


So, my grandma told me she would get me anything I wanted, and my stupid 11yo self said "I want a monkey." Sure enough, a few weeks later, she brought me a monkey (I had forgotten all about it by that time). It was a spider monkey (I guess I was thinking more like chimp). Nastiest thing ever. My dad built huge cage for it in the garage. I tried to make friends with Kiki, but he still bit the shit out of me. We donated it, cage and all, to a local nature center when it got cold. No regrets.


5/20 Maybe. I had plans with a friend- and he didn't show up. We called him a bunch, and when he finally called back, he said he didn't feel too well, wasn't going out. Whatever, no big deal. Hedid say I love you a bunch when we hung up, which was also no big deal, we're all a bunch of mushpots. So fast forward to what I though was the end of my night. I was wasting time on Facebook, and his status was really really off. It was sentimental and not funny, and it just struck me as weird. Soooo, I called his phone a couple of times, and resolved to just ride my bike to his house, to make sure he was okay (it was about 4 am). I though what I was doing was just kind of silly and overly neurotic, but I'm kind of obsessive and I figured, it would be worth waking him up for. Well, he called me back and I told him why I wanted to make sure he was okay, it turned out he was really f*cked up and was pondering/sort of attempting suicide. So I went over and bought him a pizza instead. It was terrifying. He was pretty shocked that I knew something was off, but we're buddies. I just knew something was off.


6/20 This July I was in an airport at the top of an escalator where a woman was trying to deal with her luggage, a baby in a stroller, and a toddler. Her toddler slipped right before they got on the escalator and without thinking she reached for him and, in doing so, let go of the baby stroller that was halfway on to the top stair of the escalator.

The stroller started to tilt downward and when I realized it was about to completely tip over, I dropped my own luggage, grabbed it and brought it back up to the landing. No idea if I actually saved the kids life, but the escalator was empty, so I imagine it would have fallen all the way down.


7/20 Waiting for the bus, random guy wearing sun glasses also waiting for the bus leans over the curb to look to see if the the bus is coming, randomly collapses, so I run into the street where he collapsed and stop cars from running over him and ask him if he is ok, call the cops, and turns out that he was a veteran and he got a blast from a grenade several tears ago, has to take meds to help with his migraines, he blacks out randomly.


8/20 I was a life-guard and pulled a 2 year old off the bottom of a 12 ft well. I guess that counts, a person is a person, no matter how small.


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