20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.
20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.

20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.


9/20 I was in Hong Kong on business, so my colleague and I went to Repulse Bay. We met up with some girls we'd previously met, drank all day on the beach, hung out, made new friends and we're all hitting a volleyball when a guy our age (early 20's) comes up to us his voice in a panic saying his friend is buried and they can't get him out of the sand. I immediately thought this was some prank, so we go over to the kid and literally all you can see is an arm sticking out of the sand, so we try pulling it and all you can hear is a muffled scream. When we realized whats going on and tried to get closer, the sand caved in and the arm began frantically waving in a panic. Immediately I started digging in the sand with 4 other people to find this kids head and then I found it and we dug a small air pocket around his mouth. After about 5 minutes of carefully digging and pulling, we pulled him out. The beach was empty aside from us and it was getting pitch black out. Kind of crazy I saved some kids life in Hong Kong.


10/20 Out drinking for a mates 18th birthday at the local bar. Drinking our way into oblivion when we noticed a crowd forming on the dance floor.Thinking it was a fight or something we all run over. Instead it was an elderly man lying on the ground with a massive gash over his eye. Everyone was freaking out. Being a lifeguard i just push my way through and do the basic checks. This old guy was gone. No pulse or breathing. He had vomit and blood bubbling out of his mouth. Wasn't a pleasant sight.

I sobered up within a second and my training kicked in. I directed a person to call the ambos and told security to get everyone out and to turn on the lights. People were still dancing around the guy and the DJ was still playing. Looking back this was properly the most disgusting part of the whole incident. I started compression on the old guy. I wasn't game to go anywhere near the mouth cause of the blood/vomit until I had some sort of mask. I was passed a pocket mask by bystander. It was basically a little bit of plastic with a little hole so I didn't get the best seal on the poor guy. I worked on the old man for about 15 mins until the paramedics showed. I thought he was a definite goner. In between compression I held his hand and squeezed to try and gain a response and looked into his eyes. They were so black. I'll never forget them eyes. The paramedics directed me to continue compression while the started to bag (pump oxy) the guy. The defib was set up and he was shocked twice. I can't remember the stats but not many people come back after the third shock. Possibly as low as 10%...

I handed the guy over to the paramedics and helped the carry their equipment back to the ambo. I pretty much and legged it out of there after handing my details over to the bar staff. I had blood and vomit all over my shirt and hands. A couple of days later I got a call back from the the place informing me that my actions had stabilized the man and brought him back to life, but unfortunately he passed away a couple of hour latter with further heart problems. He passed away surrounded by close family members. I sometimes go back to the same bar but its never the same. People dance over a spot where the man passed away. I couldn't walk over that spot again.

I didn't fully save the mans life but I got him back long enough for his family to say the last goodbyes which I think is special enough. This incident happened about 18 months ago now. I still think about most days. I don't think it's PTSD. It has also driven me to become a paramedic.


11/20 I don't expect you to understand. However, while wounded in Afghanistan I saved my corpsman's life who took a ton of shrapnel which almost completely severed his jugular. Then the DUSTOFF bird landed between us and the enemy, I carried him about 100m into enemy fire to our DUSTOFF bird. Bird had 15 positive rounds through it and 2 RPGs flew over. Shittiest day of my life.


12/20 So my friend had a boyfriend who was insanely cool. I never met him, but by looking at his Facebook profile and Tumblr (I'm not a stalker I swear), I could tell we had similar interests. Anyway, my friend was a total bitch to him. She treated him like he was a dog and I felt bad. One day I heard they had broken up, so I got his number from a friend of a friend.

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