20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.
20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.

20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.


At this point, I kinda liked the guy. As I said, we had very similar interests and I found him attractive. I decided to call him, and we talked for a few hours. We eventually started dating. One day he told me that the day I called him, he was on a bridge, about to jump. Apparently his father, who meant the world to him, had just died and couldn't cope. That, along with the breakup, sent him over the edge. He told me that talking to me made him realize there's things to live for, and he needs to live for his father. If I would have waited just another minute to call him, he would have been dead.


13/20 I pulled a guy out of a burning trailer once, he was burned badly and I wound up covered in his blood and skin (not fun for the hour drive home to change clothes).


14/20 A buddy of mine and I were stationed in Hawaii. We were trying to learn how to surf, cause we were new on the island and didn't know how much of an asskicking it was going to be. I'm 6'1" and about 220, so it was probably just awkward to watch. Anyway, I had just gotten my ass handed to me by another wave when i look over and see this guy and a young girl pop up outta the water about 40 feet away. He looks right at me and and just shouts "Help." Really monotonously.

I start swimming toward them, and watch as a wave rolls in, and the water level begind them recedes, creating this big bowl of rock that the wave would slam into, settle, and recede again. It was basically a big horseshoe facing north that water would just spin cycle against. As soon as you came above water again and started trying to get away, another wave came in to push you back down. And i was swimming right into it. Fack.

I finally reach them, and slam my board into this guy, and tell him to get to the rocks. I grab his kid as he paddles away. I see my buddy running along the rocks to grab him, and the first wave slams me under. I just held the girl over my head and started kicking. I made a little progress toward the rocks, before it happened again. This time, i was bounced off the rocks, and the wind just left me. I paddled again, and got her above water, but i had taken a bit longer. As soon as i broke the surface, i saw the next wave. I turned, and saw my buddy. I just remember that he looked scared. I screamed "Catch her!" And chucked her like a shot put as the momentum of the water surged me forward. He caught her, and I fell. I had the presence of mind to turn, so that my back slammed into the rock and coral, and I was run against it like I was a piece of cheese run along a grater with a firehose.

I genuinely didn't think I was gonna make it that last time. Just before I blacked out, I felt the rocks, and I clambered up them. My buddy grabbed my shorts, and I was out.

I never got their names. The father just said "Thanks," as was laying down, bleeding all over the sand. He grabs his daughter by the arm, and dragged her back to their spot on the beach. My buddy bought her an ice cream, and we left.


15/20 Chugging wine with some friends at a lake years ago, watching a kid swim out too far -- then not seeing him anymore. As realization set in, my friend ran out there first, dove into the water and I was about 45 seconds behind (I hesitated). We both swam out to the center of the lake and he pulled the kid up. I swam along side him helping him drag the kid back to shore. The kids family watched as my friend pumped his chest, choked on water and came back. It was a mother's day I never forget; the family didn't even thank us.


16/20 The red cross tells me I save 4 lives every time I give blood. So apparently I've saved somewhere around 24 lives.


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