20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.
20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.

20 Heroic People Share The Experience Of Saving Someone Else's Life.


17/20 We went to pick a photo that we had developed and framed for our friends that where graduating during lunch time. I was in the back seat passenger side, my buddy A. was driving, and D. was in the front seat. We had just gotten our years books so we where exchanging them. I was like "D. put your seatbelt on.""I don't want to." "Yo A. pull over until she puts her seatbelt on, I don't care if we are late." She huffs and puffs but she complies. Thirty seconds later a car drives out in front of us. We hit t bone him going 45mph. Can't be for sure if I saved her life but I saved her from more serious injuries.


18/20 My friend had never been swimming before, ever, so when a group of friends and I went to a river to hang out for an hour or so, I taught my friend a quick version of doggy paddling and quickly how to float on his back. I also showed him where the bank cut out (aka where he wouldn't be able to safely stand).

We're swimming, having a good time and he's got the hang of it. But then he floats on his back for too long and slowly gets dragged out past the bank and into the current. I shouted his name to get his attention, and once he realized he couldn't stand he began to FREAK OUT, splashing and flailing and screaming, and soon he went underwater.

The first girl closest to him immediately went down under to save him, but he was in such a state of panic that he began pushing her down in an attempt to get air. After 15 or so seconds of this the girl came back up for air for herself. I watched him go under again, and the water flattened out. I was next closest.

I saw what he'd done to the girl so I took in the biggest breath I could and prepared to get thrashed. I dove down and scrambled to find him, and once I grabbed him he shoved me down to try to get his own air. I was swimming as hard as I could to get him back to where he could stand. He wasn't making it easy. He was wildly swinging his limbs around and kicking me so hard.. It took about 2 whole minutes to get to a point where I knew we were out of the current. Once we could stand he SPRINTED out of the water and curled up in his own little cocoon, coughing and taking in huge gulps of air. Everyone was so relieved.

There's a second part to the story: I had just lost a bunch of weight, and my class ring had fallen off of my finger in this struggle. I figured it was a lost cause, and that I'd never see it again. A whole four months later I get a call from an ex's mother... My ex's little sister was at a banquet at the river and a man had come up to her asking if she knew someone by my name who had graduated the year I did. His son was diving in the river and found my ring! I got it back! Karma is real.


19/20 Okay, I was at my grandparents' house, just chilling with my cousins, one being four, the other twelve. We went outside on the porch for awhile. Twelve year old (let's call her 'H') and I went in to grab something to drink. When we came back out, the four year old (let's call him 'B'), had ran into a narrow street right next to a larger one. An old man drove around the corner and since B was so small, the man couldn't see him over the hood of his car. I sprinted into the street, grabbed B, and dove into the grass. H ran into the house yelling "'They just saved B's life!" Feels were had.


20/20 I'm not quite sure, but I like to think that I saved my sister's life. I didn't save it in the literal sense. My sister had depression her junior year of high school, and attempted suicide multiple times. She was basically institutionalized, but in a hospital, not a ward, a ward for depressed kids who needed help but wasn't a mental institute, if that makes sense. She wasn't getting any better with therapy or anything, they had to make sure there were not sharp objects, keep a close watch, etc. I didn't see her for about 6 months. My parents basically put her in a hospital because they couldn't trust her at home. I was 13 or 14, and I didn't know too much about what was going on, the family therapy was the 3 of them. A lot of the issues with her depression stemmed from the relationship with our parents, and they just weren't getting through to her, I mean how can you after years of perceived bullshit?

So this was happening outside my reality, I still went to school, did my homework, etc. My sister and I never had the closest relationship, but I knew she was seriously f*cked up, on the verge of being institutionalized. So I wrote her a letter, telling her how much I loved her and how much I missed her, and how much she meant to me and the family. After that letter, there was like a total turnaround, like within a week or two. Only once she told me how much reading that letter meant to me, and it seemed to me like everything was different after that, just total turnaround. Maybe I just want to think I really made a difference, but she was on the path to being institutionalized but then she came home. So I feel I saved her, reaching out to her in a way that our parents couldn't. Maybe I'm wrong and it meant nothing. But I like to think it did.



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