21 Garbage Collectors Reveal The Most Outrageous Things People Tried To Throw Out.

21 Garbage Collectors Reveal The Most Outrageous Things People Tried To Throw Out.


Ever thought about the things you throw out? Someone out there is gonna see it one last time before it's buried away forever. Well people out there definitely weren't thinking about that when they left these crazy things in the trash.

Here, 21 garbage collectors share the most shocking thing they found on the job. Check out the sources at the bottom for even more!

1. Heads will roll.

A normal day at the landfill was interrupted by a scream of terror from the dozer driver who came running full tilt and white as a sheet up to my me. He just kept saying heads, heads, heads, over and over again. They went back to his dozer and found a garbage bag torn open with ten bloody heads spilling out of it. Somebody had thrown away ten mannequin heads that had been used in a local haunted house.


2. Identity theft.

When former Football player Ricky Williams briefly retired to become a spiritual guru in the hills he moved into a place that was on my recycling route. I noticed a box he tossed once and grabbed it to see if there was any memorabilia or football items related in it. It looked important. What was in it was team doctors papers, contracts and just about all the personal information that one would need to actually become Ricky Williams.

I felt weird that this was out there, so I took it home and burned every piece of it in the fireplace. Felt guilty even looking at it as I tossed it.


3. Breaking the code.

My good friend who used to work at a recycling plant found an Enigma machine. That's an encryptment device the nazis used. It was worth like 10.000 dollars.



I lived in Stuttgart, Germany back in the early 90's. They had something called Sperrmüll day (bulk refuse), where people would put out their bulky items for collection. But a lot of useful and even brand new stuff would go out so it was common practice for a lot of people to drive around -particularly in the rich neighborhoods- to see if something good was available. I had a lot of furniture, skis, bicycles, etc, that I had gotten this way.

On this particular one I found a wooden roll top desk that only needed some sanding and refinishing. When I got it home and started taking it apart, one of the locked drawers had a binder with US department of defense schematics for what looked like a howitzer cannon. The whole thing had lots of RESTRICTED ACCESS stamped all over it. (Continued...)

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