21 Garbage Collectors Reveal The Most Outrageous Things People Tried To Throw Out.

21 Garbage Collectors Reveal The Most Outrageous Things People Tried To Throw Out.


He gestures to look inside. Desk Sgt does. closes bag up, looks at Dad and his partners, and tells them "Cycle it" (By cycle, he meant just run it through the truck with the other trash). He tells Dad that the foot was likely removed as a warning to someone, that they (the police in that precinct) had seen it before. It was likely drug related. Even if they did find the owner, he wouldn't talk, and the foot couldn't be attached back. By moving the foot, they pretty much ruined a crime scene.


8. Trash compactor.

I worked at a recycling plant in Springfield, Ma. One day while we were unloading a cardboard dumpster, we noticed an arm sticking out. There he was, in all his purple glory. This poor gent had drunkenly crawled into a cardboard bin the previous day and ended up being pressed and compacted into a cube. So yeah, that was fun.


9. A little bit of remodeling

I'm sort of ashamed to admit it because I feel like it was profiting off the misfortune of others but I lived in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina and I basically rebuilt my house from stuff that people tossed. I was amazed at the amount of stuff people ripped out that was above the waterline. People would literally hire crews to gut their entire house and they would put everything, and I repeat, everything on the side of the road.

I still have a 3 storage units full of house parts I picked up back then that I have slowly been incorporating into my current home renovation. It was truly a shame to see all this great old stuff be tossed and replaced with hardware store junk. I could have filled 10 more units with stuff I saw and couldn't store.


10. Burying bad memories.

This was in the early 90's. I was emptying the public trash cans in a city centre in mid England. I saw this really expensive bound leather photograph holder book. I took it and lobbed it in the cab to check out later.

After work I started looking through it and it started with these fresh faced young soldiers laughing and grinning at the camera. They were doing their training I think in some leafy camp in England. Then it switched to an awful looking desert - it was the time of Gulf War I. (Continued...)

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