Identical Twins Share The Most Embarrassing Time They Were Confused For Their Sibling.

Identical Twins Share The Most Embarrassing Time They Were Confused For Their Sibling.


Twins have a seemingly spiritual connection and often they even finish each other's sentences. When you know someone your whole life, you're bound to have a lot of interesting stories.

Here are twenty-two of the most embarrassing moments twins have had when being confused for their other half...

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1/22. My twin was dating a guy in college, the first time he came over, I opened the door and he kissed ME. I turned and yelled "your boyfriend is here!"


2/22. My twin brother had a huge stash of inappropriate magazines in his closet and I always wondered where he got the money to buy them.

One night I walked into a nearby convenience store with some friends and the guy behind the counter threw me out. I had no idea why. When my friends asked he told them he had caught me stealing porno mags the week before.


3/22. My twin brother recommended a restaurant to me. Said that he and his wife went there all the time, good food, really friendly staff...

So I took my wife there. Food was as advertised, but the service... somewhere between cold and openly hostile. Like they resented our presence. I was puzzled by the contrast between what I'd heard and what I saw.

Suddenly from the front of the restaurant, explosion of laughter, much rapid talking, suddenly the waitress is there, smiling and all... just as my brother and his wife walk around the corner.

They thought my brother was cheating on his wife with some blonde... Yeah, it's funny now.


4/22. My father spent a year abroad before returning to enroll in the same college as his twin brother. The first few days were pretty standard, acquaintances of my uncle mistaking my dad for him, business as usual. That was until one girl approached him, publicly mind you, and with a wink said "you were really great last night...

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