22 Ladies Share The Smoothest Way A Guy Has Asked Them Out.

22 Ladies Share The Smoothest Way A Guy Has Asked Them Out.


It's a tough thing to ask somebody out, but these people below have figured out the smoothest way to do it.

Below are 22 stories of the smoothest way a guy has asked out a lady. Check them out!

1. Summer of sophomore year, there was an ice cream store I would go to religiously every other day. It got to the point where I didn't even have to order. I'd just walk in and he'd have a cone ready for me by the time I reached the register. Finally, one day he says,"You really like ice cream."

Me:"Haha yeah, I do!"

Him:"Do you also like pizza and a movie? Maybe...Saturday?"

Me:"Actually! My friend Naomi and I are going--" (Friend elbows me hard and conspicuously) "--not going. Anywhere. See you Sat?"

Him:"Cool. I'll see you here, usual time." Then he gave my friend double scoop on the house.


2. Him: bubble tea is gross.

Me: Ugh bubble tea is the worst.

Him: We should go out for bubble tea, and not order bubble tea

Together for four years.


3. We met at college. We started hanging out after some friends introduced us and he told me about D&D. I'd never played so he said he would teach me the rules.

One night after we'd been hanging out for a few weeks we started talking about relationships. He told me about some ex-girlfriends, then he asked me about my past relationships.

OK, so my back story at that point was 0. 0 boyfriend's, 0 guys kissed. No one had really seemed interested and to be honest I was pretty insecure about it. To add to that I had been on my first date ever about a month before I met him and the guy bailed when he found out I'd never been kissed.

But I wasn't the type to lie so I told him.

His response was a thoughtful "Hmmmmm" and then he leaned forward and kissed me!

Then he said "There, problem solved!"

We've been together 15 years, married 13 years and have 4 kids.....And he's still the only guy I've ever kissed!


4. We had a class together and started talking about two weeks before it ended. I thought he was cute as hell but didn't think he felt the same way.

He and his buddy lived the same way I did and on the last day of class, they walked home with me but split paths after a few blocks.

So I'm walking and kinda gushing to a friend via text about him and I hear someone running and it's... (Continued)

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