23 Brave Dentists Reveal The Most Disgusting Mouths They've Ever Had To Clean.

23 Brave Dentists Reveal The Most Disgusting Mouths They've Ever Had To Clean.


Dentist of Reddit were asked: "What's the dirtiest mouth you ever had to clean?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 I've pulled teeth that are literally squishy (due to decay). Grabbing these with a forceps is like squeezing a little white bean.


2/23 One pt of mine, I could smell before I'd enter the room. All of her teeth were caked in calculus and plaque, with pus and blood seeping up from the gums. All of the teeth had to go, and each extraction only made the smell worse. I've had lots of serial extraction -> immediate denture patients, but never one that smelled so bad as her.


3/23 I had a patient whose insides of his mouth was covered in layers of multicolored calculus. Black, green and red. I had to ultrasonic scale each individual tooth for a good few minutes, unearthing layers upon layers of mineralized crap. The stench was also horrendous.

At that point I wondered if I was a dentist or an archeologist.


4/23 I was in dental school doing a hospital rotation. We were asked to do a dental exam on an unconscious man who had been found unconscious while high on heroin. He was going to recover, but was sedated. He was septic with a bacteria commonly found orally, (Strep veridans, perhaps?).

One exam... there was also a thick white crust covering his extremely dry mouth and tongue. We debated what it might be, with one guess being a severe Candida overgrowth. We cultured it and found no fungal growth under the microscope. He was brought to the dental clinic for debridement. When he came to our clinic and water was sprayed trying to clean him up, it became clear what it was. He has sinus drainage into his mouth that had dried and he essentially has a quarter inch thick layer of booger covering his mouth and throat.

Enjoy your dinner.


5/23 People show up with severely infected teeth (puss seeping out from the gums around the tooth, the tooth itself floating in its socket like a buoy). Often times these abscesses must be drained with a small incision and strategic finger pressure. The smell can be horrific.


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