23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'
23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'

23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'


We've all got skeletons in the closet and they're in the closet for a reason.

People on Reddit were asked: "What is the most [messed] up family secret that you know?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 I was conceived at a swingers party and nobody in my family (who knows this) is completely sure my dad is my biological father.


2/23 We never told my 90 year old aunt how her son really died. She thinks it was a heart attack, when really he hung himself in a jail cell following a DUI.


3/23 My wealthy cousins adopted two Ethiopian children, brother and sister, then sent them back because they didn't get along with the families biological children.


4/23 This isn't really a family secret because my family isn't sure, but we all suspect my grandpa has killed someone. My grandpa is a horrible person with a quick/bad temper who beat his wives (married more than once) and children. My mom still has scars from him decades later. He was having some "trouble" with a local cop (I think it was a cop. It may have just been a random person, I can't remember), and several weeks later the person was found dead near some train tracks. Years later he said something to my mom along the lines of "if you ever have problems with someone, I know how to take care of them". He also shows signs of being a sociopath. I've heard horrible stories about how he has tortured animals.


5/23 My grandpa used to make up stories about my mom (his daughter) cheating on my dad because he thought it was funny. He continued doing it even after he had to get her from the hospital because of the beatings that resulted.


6/23 20-30 years ago there was a thief in the town my family lived in. The person would break in and steal anything valuable plus their plants. Yes plants. This goes on for a few months, when my family finds a stash of house plants in his house, and that was the final straw.

Turns out my uncle was into some weird drugs at the time, and would break into places high and steal plants... Then wake up the next day with a house full of plants and try to give them away.


7/23 My grandmother got out of her bad relationship by running away with her husband's brother. So some of my dad's siblings are half-sibling, half-cousins.


8/23 Not totally a secret, but we act like it never happened. My first cousin, once removed, was brutally raped and held captive by her husband. He then went to jail for a bit and ended up killing his stepfather and uncle, and attempted to murder his mother and aunt. The first cousin ended up dying in a house fire along with her children.


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