23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'
23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'

23 People Were Asked: 'What Is The Most Messed Up Family Secret You Know?'


9/23 My aunt got pregnant in high school. My grandparents were super Catholic, so abortion wasn't an option -- and neither was the shame of having a pregnant daughter. They sent her off to a convent to live with nuns until she had the baby, then gave it up for adoption. A few decades later, she tracked the baby (now an adult) down through a private investigator, but he wanted nothing to do with her. I think she remains, to this day, quite upset about it.


10/23 I'm related, by marriage, to a man who got caught [have sex with] horses. He even went to jail over it. Neigh means neigh!


11/23 My great grandmother from Yugoslavia most likely drowned a pair of her own twins because they couldn't afford them.


12/23 My son shat himself while we were in public, and he had to wear my yoga pants until we could get him a new pair of pants. This was yesterday.


13/23 When my grandma was growing up in Costa Rica around 1940-something her mother was dating a guy who seemed like bad news. Just all around weird guy, neither my grandma or her sister liked him. Their mother wouldn't listen. He's fine, he takes care of us, etc.

Except one night this guy decides he's had enough of "being nice" and "taking care of them". He decides to murder my great grandma in her bed via a hammer to the skull. There is a LOT of blood. Not just on the walls and ceiling but soaking into the mattress beneath the body. My grandma and her sister come home to find their mom dead, their house covered in blood and the murderer nowhere to be found. So they call the police, the police take the body away, do a cursory examination of the crime scene and call it a day. It was rural Costa Rica before the Second World War. There wasn't a lot they could do forensically and the only thing they had to go on was the fact that the boyfriend was nowhere to be found. So the police leave, leaving twelve year old grandma and her nine year old sister to clean up the mess. They scrub the blood off the walls and ceiling then realize something. If they throw away the bloody mattress then they have no bed left. The one they shared with their mother was the only bed in the house. So, being poor and frugal, they decide to flip the mattress. My grandma held the bottom end while her sister turned the whole thing up on one end. Instead of flipping the mattress my grandma ended up doused in all the blood that had been pooling inside of it. Apparently it was cold, and thick, and more like syrup than liquid. To this day my family maintains that getting doused in her murdered mother's blood was what turned her into the crazy/evil woman we all know.


14/23 My sister ran away from home and was gang raped but no one ever did anything about it because they felt it was her fault for being disobedient. My family used to make jokes about it and laugh at her but now no one brings it up.


15/23 I didn't know I was adopted until I was 18. Turns out my mom went crazy and was in a mental hospital for a little while. She banged some guy there and got pregnant with me. All while she was married to the man I call my father. He promised her to never speak of it and raise me as his own, and he did. Good man.


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