23 People Were Asked: 'What's The Coolest Thing Most People Don't Know About Their Own Body?'

23 People Were Asked: 'What's The Coolest Thing Most People Don't Know About Their Own Body?'


The foot bone's connected to the leg bone.... The leg bone's connected to the knee bone... The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone...

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most amazing thing the human body does that people have no idea about?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 You can lose up to 75% of your liver and it can grow back to its full size, kind of like how a lizard can re-grow its tail but we do it with an extremely complex organ.


2/23 When you blush, the lining of your stomach blushes too.


3/33 I'm sure a lot of people already know this but I'm still amazed about how the nervous system basically controls almost everything in the body. The way electrical signals becoming chemical signals within a fraction of a second is still messing with my mind right now. As I type this thousand of tiny muscle fibers in my fingers are contacting just too much for me right now.


4/23 Everybody else is blown away by the capacity of the brain, while I'm amazed at how the forearm can twist. You have two parallel bones, and your muscles pull them so they cross, which rotates your arm. How crazy is that?


5/23 We can outrun most animals in long distances due to our ability to cool, our efficient 2-legged running, etc. Over short distances, we're boned.


6/23 Breastmilk actually changes it's composition to meet the individual nutritional needs of the baby(ies) feeding from the breast. For example, if mom is nursing a toddler (who is more prone to short little "drive by" nursings) the child get more bang for their buck and gets a full session's worth of proteins, fats and vitamins in their one minute fly by the same as a 3 month old gets in their 25 minute session. As they get older, the quantity of vitamins, fats and proteins changes as well to meet their individual needs. This is even true if mom is tandem nursing two babies of different ages: the milk actually customizes itself to ensure they both get exactly what they need, and the amount of milk she makes is dependent entirely on how much stimulation she gets (i.e. the more the baby nurses at the breast, the better supplied they are. This is why using bottles and pacifiers mucks up someone's supply: the baby wastes all their suckling needs somewhere else).

Even cooler, the milk makes antibodies for the viruses mom and baby are exposed to and fighting off. I always thought the coolest part in particular was that before the mom even know she or her baby are sick, her milk is already creating medicine (antibodies) to treat her child. It's like a built-in vaccine that is constantly being updated to fight off the latest bugs. This is the main reason why breastfed babies are better equipped to fight off both short term illness and long term disease (like respiratory illness, asthma, allergies, etc).

And it comes in a real pretty container, too.


7/23 When a pregnant woman receives heart tissue damage, the fetus will send stem cells to repair it.


8/23 Humans are bioluminescent and glow in the dark, but the light that we emit is 1,000 times weaker than our human eyes are able to pick up.


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