24 Americans Share Their Biggest Culture Shock Experience After Visiting Europe.

24 Americans Share Their Biggest Culture Shock Experience After Visiting Europe.


"You can fit all of Europe into Texas!"

American on Reddit were asked: "What was the biggest culture shock when you visited Europe?" These are some of the best answers.

1/24 As a teenage Texan boy who visited Germany in high school, I'd say the biggest shock was the billboard at the end of our street with a topless woman on it. I looked at that thing so much I still have it memorized 20 years later.


2/24 Beer and other alcohols in places I wouldn't expect to find them. I was quite surprised to be able to have a beer at a museum; I'm used to the intellectual set pretending to not want anything to do with alcohol. It was like I was actually in a land made for adults instead of children.


3/24 The French are generally nice, it's Parisians who are assholes and give the whole country that reputation. And they're not singling you out because you're American - they're assholes to each other too.


4/24 Normal-sized bodies. Very few jacked body-builders, very few morbidly obese people. They just have generally lean, healthy physiques.


5/24 I realized how many freebies we get in the US. Free refills, as much ketchup as you want in fast food places, free toilets, etc. In Europe, you have to pay for everything. I got used to it.


6/24 Sweden: The first thing I noticed is your cities are so quiet! No cars honking their horns, no music playing or dogs barking. I couldn't even find anyone talking on their cell phone. Nobody seems like they're in a rush either Sometimes it was eerie being in cities that quiet, just the sound of bicycles going past.


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