24 Little Known Things Most People Don’t Know About Anne Hathaway.

24 Little Known Things Most People Don’t Know About Anne Hathaway.


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2/24 When she auditioned for The Dark Knight Rises she was surprised that she wasn't auditioning for Harley Quinn. She only found out that it was Catwoman when she was chatting with Christopher Nolan before the audition started.

3/24 Anne is the first and only teenager to be accepted to The Barrow Group, a New York-based theatre company.

4/24 Anne won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for voicing Princess Penelope in a 2010 episode of The Simpsons.

5/24 She was born and raised in a Catholic family but left the church after her older brother Michael came out as gay.

6/24 Anne has revealed that she doesn't know if Lureen is telling the truth when she tells Ennis how Jack died in Brokeback Mountain. They shot two versions of the scene: one where Lureen knows that it was related to his homosexuality, and one where it really was an unrelated accident. In the end the two scenes were edited together to let the audience come to their own conclusions.

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