24 Little Known Things Most People Don’t Know About Anne Hathaway.


13/24 For the role of Fantine in Les Miserables Anne cut her long, brown hair and lost 25 lbs. She has purposefully remained quiet about her weight loss process in order to not glamorize the transformation.

14/24 Anne Hathaway is one of 13 actresses to win an Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor's Guild Award for the same performance.

15/24 When she first auditioned for The Princess Diaries she was about to leave the United States to film The Other Side of Heaven. When she arrived for filming she told them how well the audition went so the producers thought she would be cast. They decided to hold off on post-production until The Princess Diaries was released to capitalize on her success.

16/24 Anne and her mother, actress Kate McCauley, both played Fantine in Les Miserables: Anne in the 2012 film version, Kate in the first U.S. stage tour.

17/24 Anne learned to barrel race for Brokeback Mountain but the film's insurance company insisted on using a stunt double instead.

18/24 The glass slippers she wears in Ella Enchanted were made with real glass and, in true Ella fashion, she broke both pairs made for filming.

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