24 Of The Most Amazing Stories Involving Will Ferrell. He Ate That?

24 Of The Most Amazing Stories Involving Will Ferrell. He Ate That?


From his lovable characters on 'Saturday Night Live' to his box-office smashes, Will Ferrell has been making audiences cackle for over two decades.

Below are 24 of the coolest things you might not've known about Will Ferrell. Check them out!

1/24) The fake testicles that Will Ferrell wore in Step Brothers are worth about $20,000.

2/24) Will Ferrell was fine with running down the street naked in Old School until he found out he had to do it in front of Snoop Dogg. He said that he also needed some 'liquid courage' to get through the scene.

3/24) While filming the movie Elf, Will Ferrell caused several minor traffic accidents when walking through the Lincoln Tunnel in his costume because people were so surprised to see him wearing an elf outfit.

4/24) He's said that his first interest in performing came about while he was in high school: Will made the daily morning announcements over the public access system in disguised voices.

5/24) He studied at USC and was originally planning to become a sports broadcaster. He graduated and interned at NBC Sports, but then drew laughs after ad-libbing a joke on-air during one of his broadcasting courses and switched to comedy.

6/24) Contrary to many comedians, Will Ferrell was not a class clown in high school but a scholar and an athlete. A kicker for the Varsity football team, and still holds the school record for the most field goals made.

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