24 Things Most Fans Didn't Know About The Amazing Carrie Fisher. A Life Well Lived!

24 Things Most Fans Didn't Know About The Amazing Carrie Fisher. A Life Well Lived!


Carrie Fisher had an illustrious career spanning four decades as an actor and writer, and was a symbol of strength for mental illness. She inspired multiple generations of children and adults, and will be sorely missed both in the industry and around the world.

Below are the most amazing facts about the legendary actress and writer.

1. She allegedly disliked the "bagel bun" hairstyle she wore in the original Star Wars but she didn't say anything about it because she was afraid that director George Lucas would get angry and fire her.

2. Most people don't know that Carrie Fisher had a short lived engagement to Dan Aykroyd after he saved her life when she choked on a brussel sprout. Fisher described it as: "He had to give me the Heimlich maneuver. He saved my life, and then he asked me to marry him. And I thought... wow, what if that happens again? I should probably marry him."

3. For her role as Princess Leia, she was forced to strap down her boobs. Her breasts were taped down with gaffer tape, as her costume did not permit any lingerie to be worn underneath. She joked later, “As we all know, there is no underwear in space.”

4. Stood on a box for many of her scenes with Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars trilogy, owing to the fact that she was roughly a foot shorter than he and didn't fit into the frame.

5. Due to the limited budget of the original Star Wars film, the American cast members and crew flew economy class to England, rather than first class. When Carrie Fisher’s mother, film star Debbie Reynolds, heard about this she called George Lucas to complain. Lucas handed the phone to Carrie who simply said: (Continued)

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