24 Things Most Fans Didn't Know About The Amazing Carrie Fisher. A Life Well Lived!

24 Things Most Fans Didn't Know About The Amazing Carrie Fisher. A Life Well Lived!


Lucas handed the phone to Carrie who simply said, “Mother, I want to fly coach, will you **** off?!” and hung up.

6. When asked what her favorite moment from the original Star Wars trilogy are, she replied that her favorite moments were the arguing scenes between her and Harrison Ford.

7. In her 2008 memoir "Wishful Drinking", she notes that, like her mother in Singin' in the Rain, she became famous at age 19 for her role in a classic hit alongside two male co-stars. She also mentions that "Star Wars" could also refer to her celebrity parents' infamous divorce.

8. She admitted that she found it difficult to act across from Peter Cushing in Star Wars for two reasons: She struggled with the dialogue, and Cushing was so nice and polite to her on set between takes, she found it very difficult to show the disdain her character, Princess Leia has for Cushing's character, Grand Moff Tarkin.

9. Suffering from bipolar disorder and after going through drug addiction, Fisher's books and one-woman shows became a strong symbol for the fight against mental illness and addiction.

10. She is the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, famous singers/actors. Eddie Fisher divorced Reynolds when Carrie Fisher was two years old to be with Elizabeth Taylor. Reynolds said it was ultimately for the best and was grateful to Eddie Fisher for giving them their two wonderful kids. Carrie Fisher joked about it: "He rushed to her side, gradually moving to her front... He consoled her with flowers and, ultimately, he consoled her with his... (Continued)

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