26 People Share Their Best Unexpected Celebrity Encounter

26 People Share Their Best Unexpected Celebrity Encounter


16/26) I lived in the same building as Pharrell in Miami. I saw him on a regular basis (we took the same elevator up to our units). Not only is he one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met, he's also one of the nicest people. He is incredibly soft spoken and humble. And his kid is adorable and well mannered. His bodyguard, Ben, is also really cool. My friend who also lives in the building accidentally took the service elevator and ended up in the hall behind his unit. Ben was there, and ended up giving my friend a whole tour of Pharrell's apartment. Pharrell also gave him a signed set of shoes. Every interaction I've had with both of them has been great. I couldn't have asked for better neighbors.


17/26) I bumped into deGrasse Tyson on the New York subway about 2 years ago. I was on a business trip from Chicago and I've never accidentally run into anyone even semi-famous. A couple coworkers and myself were headed out to see Ground Zero when he hopped on. After some internal debates on how to act, I brought up the courage to ask for a picture, to which he happily accepted, and then left him alone the rest of the ride.

After a few stops, he struck up a friendly conversation with the three of us and started offering some advice on sightseeing after discovering we were not from NY. When our stop came up, he walked out with us and pointed out some lesser-known buildings and a brief history of each. This lasted for about 20 minutes before he suggested some pizza places and went on his way.

He was really nice to all of us, even though both of my coworkers had no idea who he was, then one of them remembered he "was on the Big Bang Theory that one time." He never put them down or seemed insulted.

I'm not trying to discredit the other stories, but I did want to share that my encounter with him was positive and I appreciated him taking time out of his day to pass on some New York knowledge.


18/26) Lady Gaga. I worked room service and the bar at a hotel she was staying at. She ordered room service and I brought it up. She was in casual cloths and was extremely nice and courteous and tipped well. It seemed like no more than 30 minutes later she was at the bar all Gaga'd out talking with some of the regulars. Not a spectacular story but it caught me by surprise. When I heard she was staying I expected her to be a super diva like some of the other ones we had stay.


19/26) Johnny Depp was actually super nice.

Was walking to work one day, I believe on the day Pirates III came out, and he was down in the tunnels. Got to walk up and shake his hand, talked to me about my job, shared some insights about working as Jack Sparrow, and how he always is so thrilled when he gets to be the character.


20/26) Aaron Paul.

Sat next to him at a radio head concert. And he was sitting next to Pierce Brosnan as they were filming together at the time. It was also before the end of breaking bad.

I have met quite a few Celebrities as my girlfriends father was quite famous back in the 80s (still kind of famous) so I have met them at parties.

None have been nicer than Aaron Paul. I was kind of freaked out and he was suck a nice guy. Funny and he went in for a proper hug when I told him I was a huge fan of breaking bad. He also trolled me a little telling me how he can't wait until fans reacted to his death scene at the end of the series.


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