26 People Share Their Best Unexpected Celebrity Encounter

26 People Share Their Best Unexpected Celebrity Encounter


21/26) I also met Robin Williams, very friendly and funny. More so then I expected honestly. I went to a dinner with my father and a couple of his co-workers at a fancy Italian restaurant when I was about 18 and about halfway through the meal a few of the co-workers got drunk and started to scream at the waiter in Italian. In response the waiter, and eventually a few other workers, joined in and were screaming back at the co-workers and then in between all of them came Robin Williams gesticulating wildly and screaming mock Italian at both sides until they calmed the hell down and started to laugh at Robin Williams and his antics instead.

When everyone went back to their seats I walked up to Robin Williams, thanked him for defusing the situation, and did the usual "I love your work, It's amazing to meet you" spiel and then he began to ask ME questions about my life, how I am, my age, what I wanted to do and was very friendly and caring. When I was walking away back to my dad he stopped me and said words I try to live by, "Kid, take a good look at those suits. Don't try to end up like them. If you need booze or drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest then you're doing it wrong."


22/26) Jeff Goldblum. I was working in an amusement park around the time Jurassic Park came out. Was zoning out at my register, and he was standing right next to me, waiting on someone. I did a double take, not quite sure it was him. He just looked at me, gave a smile like he knew I was trying to figure it out, and said "how you doing?" in that distinct voice of his.

Not that this was THAT nice, but pretty nice, and he's the only celebrity I've met.


23/26) Andre 3000.

Met him in the airport back in 2015. Smiled and took pictures with over 30 people, and at no point did he get sick of it. He's a cool guy.


24/26) Bill Clinton.

Is an absolute boss. I was backstage at an event where a video I had produced was being shown. Clinton was the keynote speaker (after John Oliver, Nancy Pelosi). I'm subtly gawking, maybe 15 feet away. I watch him him chat up John Oliver (and his gorgeous girlfriend of the time) when he suddenly turns and we make eye contact. I look away pretty quickly, embarrassed to have been caught gawking and Clinton goes back to his chat. About 30 seconds later though, to my absolute horror, Clinton excuses himself and makes B-Line DIRECTLY to me. Mind you this backstage is full of A-listers and politicians, and he decides to talk to me, the 20-year-old, nerdy fly on the wall. He extends his hand and says "Hi there, I'm Bill Clinton." This was my first time around a famous person (also it has been suggested, the most famous person ever) and I went full-retard. All I manage to muster is..."Thanks for coming Mr. President." He smiles, says thank you to me and walks away.

So...about 10 minutes later, he is surrounded by secret service getting ready to go up on stage. They're reading his bio, and he's talking to Pelosi who has just come off stage. She leaves him and then all of a sudden, he turns around and looks at me AGAIN! Then he raises his hand and motions for me to come over. I FUCKING FREEZE, I can't believe this is happening...until one of his aides leans down into my ear and nicely reminds me "Get over there! The President wants to speak with you"

So I walk over to Clinton and he puts his arm around me and hunkers down and says "Son, that John Oliver guy is pretty funny. I like him a lot. I didn't get to see him speak though. I wanna make a joke about him, what did he talk about?" At this point, I am panicking. I was certainly there to see him talk, but my brain is frozen and I can't think of anything he might have said. I look around for someone to bail me out, but no one is there and they are finishing his bio, so he's about to go up on stage any second. Suddenly I kind of just snap back into reality, realizing it's up to me so I told him something. You can actually find his speech with the joke on YouTube.


25/26) Val Kilmer was pretty cool. Tried to get his autograph for my cousin (we were kids and she loved him) and realized I didn't have a pen or paper. He pulled out his wallet and signed it on a dollar bill with a pen his buddy was carrying.


26/26) I met Peter Dinklage at the Premier of Pixels (It was free, I don't want to hear it) and he was a really cool guy. I didn't get to speak with him for very long, but he seemed genuinely grateful when I told him I loved his acting in everything from Elf to GoT. He even apologized for having to cut our chat short to get to his seat, but he did say that it was a pleasure talking with a fan who wasn't just gushing at him. I would love to meet him again, if only to bask in the glory of his epic beard.


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