28 Little Known Facts About The Movie 'Groundhog Day'.

28 Little Known Facts About The Movie 'Groundhog Day'.


21/28) In order to get the scenes to look alike many different takes were filmed in different weather conditions. Eventually Harold Ramis chose the bleak Wisconsin look for the film.

22/28) Harold Ramis admitted he was taken aback by his film attracting a lot of attention from various religious groups, meditative gurus and other parties who were into metaphysics. Ramis was particularly surprised as he was expecting a backlash against him.

23/28) In the penultimate encounter between Connors and annoying insurance salesman Ned Ryerson, Bill Murray was ad-libbing when he tells Ned, "I don't know where you're headed, but can you call in sick?" and causes Ned to run away.

24/28) In one scene, Connors throws himself from the bell tower of a high building, which is an opera house in Woodstock.

Local legend has it that a ghost of a young girl haunts the building since a girl once fell off of the balcony section inside the opera house and died.

25/28) The idea comes from 'The Gay Science', a famous book by Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche gives a description of a man who is living the same day over and over again.

26/28) Since the film's release, the town of Punxatawney has now become a major tourist attraction.

27/28) Originally, Phil was supposed to murder the groundhog in his lair. This was changed, however, since it seemed too much like Caddyshack, another famous Ramis/Murray collaboration.

28/28) In the final shot, Phil carries Rita over the gate and then climbs over it. This is because the gate was actually frozen shut.


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