28 Of The Most Amazing Facts From 'Django Unchained'.

28 Of The Most Amazing Facts From 'Django Unchained'.


11/28) Jamie Foxx used his own horse that he got as a birthday present a few years prior. His horse's name is 'Cheetah'.

12/28) The name "Django" is a Romani name meaning "I awake."

13/28) He alluded to his pelvic injury backstage after winning the Golden Globe, stating, "Riding a horse wasn't much of a challenge. Falling off was."

Waltz's injury necessitated that King Schultz's early scenes on horseback be accommodated by a horse-drawn wagon instead.

14/28) Calvin explains that via the study of Phrenology, he is able to find the three dimples on Ben's skull, which represent submissiveness.

Phrenology was a phase of real Psychology when it was actually believed bumps on different skull locations represented different traits like creativity, athletic ability and so forth. It's now considered quackery by modern medical standards.

15/28) The US $12,000 paid for Broomhilda's freedom equates to just over US $318,000 at the time of the movie's release in 2012.

16/28) While Kevin Costner turned down the role of Ace Woody, this is second time he has rejected a role offered to him by Quentin Tarantino; the character of Bill in Tarantino's Kill Bill films was originally written with Costner in mind and eventually offered to him, but he refused.

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