28 Of The Most Amazing Facts From 'Django Unchained'.

28 Of The Most Amazing Facts From 'Django Unchained'.


22/28) Christoph Waltz originally turned down the role when first given the script because he felt it was too tailored to his persona. Quentin Tarantino insisted and wouldn't take no for an answer. Waltz agreed under one condition: his character had to be pure, and never once act in negative or evil manner. Tarantino sent him a hand written letter that simply said "Of Course, Mein Herr!- Q" Waltz sent a telegram back "Mein Herr, Of Course!- CW"

23/28) On top of the glass cutting up his hand, Leonardo DiCaprio injured himself a second time with a hammer that broke and hit him in the head. For filming, the hammer he handled was made of foam and the glass smashing was nothing more than a sound effect.

24/28) When Quentin Tarantino first met Franco Nero, the actor who portrayed 'Django' in the 1966 movie Django in Rome, he told Nero that he first saw Django, when he was working in a video store.

He then proceeded to recite lines and even sing the songs to Nero from all his movies. Nero was blown away that he knew them all.

25/28) Sacha Baron Cohen and Kurt Russell were signed on for roles early on, but both had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

26/28) In a nod to Tarantino's other movies, the scene in which Samuel L. Jackson is describing what will happen to Django after he is shipped to the mining company, Jackson's character ends his monologue by saying "And that will be the story of you.", which is a line from Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

27/28) About halfway through the film, Dr. Schultz declares: "I, for one, don't intend to die in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, USA". Unfortunately for him, that is exactly where he ends up dying.

28/28) The shootout between Calvin Candie's henchmen and Django was not originally in the script. Instead, he and Broomhilda were going to captured immediately after Dr. Schultz' death.


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