30 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Many Fans Don't Know.

30 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Many Fans Don't Know.


6/30. He lost to Bret Hart - aka Bret The Hitman Hart - in all four of their encounters. While Austin never pinned Bret Hart in a TV/PPV encounter, he did not lose all of their matches. Austin lost Hart's Return match at Survivor Series 1996 and passed out at the "I Quit" match at Wrestlemania 13 (though he never said I quit). However at the April 1997 PPV, Austin won by DQ against Bret when the Hart Foundation interferred while Austin had Bret trapped in Bret's own signature submission move, the Sharpshooter. The following night on Raw, it took several WWF officials to pull Austin off Bret in a "Street Fight" where Austin again had Bret trapped in the Sharpshooter for several mintes. Austin severely injured Bret's leg and allegedly attacked him in the ambulance after the match was over. Since it was a no-DQ match, Austin it is presumed Austin won the match due to Bret's injury.

7/30. His ex-wife Jeannie, was married to British wrestler "Gentleman" Chris Adams, who trained Austin in the sport. Jeannie served as Austin's valet for several years. She was known as "Lady Blossom" and used to wrestle Adams' second wife Toni, in mixed tag-team matches (Austin would be her partner while Adams teamed with his wife).

8/30. Stone Cold got his nickname from his ex wife. She was British and she served Steve Austin some hot tea, and at the time he was thinking of a new nickname because "Stunning" wasn't cool enough anymore. So when his then wife noticed he wasn't drinking his tea she said, "You'd better drink your tea before it gets Stone Cold.". And that is the story of Stone Cold Steve Austin's nickname.

9/30. On March 18, 2002, due to "creative problems", Steve walked out on the WWF and did not show up for the scheduled Raw taping in Montreal. On June 10, 2002, Steve did the exact same thing, walking out and left for home in San Antonio, Texas. Both of these were done without notice and without WWF company approval.

10/30. Steve Austin held the WCW tag title with Brian Pillman. Once beating Steamboat/ Douglas then lost the tag titles when Brian Pillman broke his ankle and was forced to team with Regal.11

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