30 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Many Fans Don't Know.


12/30. One reason for his falling-out with WCW was his wanting to team with WCW newcomer Hulk Hogan, which Eric Bischoff stated that he couldn't see happening.

13/30. The gold chain "Stone Cold" wears was given to him by his tag team partner at the time, the late "Flyin" Brian Pillman right before they made their debut as "The Hollywood Blondes" in WCW.

14/30. While in WCW, he once traveled with Mick Foley and Dallas Page. Because Page was so easy to rile up on a trip, he and Foley pulled a number of stunts trying to see how long it would take Page to crack.

15/30. Says his best match is the Submission match he had with Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 in 1997.

16/30. Learned the Stone Cold Stunner from Michael PS Hayes (once a member of the Fabulous Freebirds).

17/30. The "What?" gimmick started on an August 2001 episode of RAW, during the time he was the ring leader of the WCW faction. While asking Hugh Morrus (Bill DeMott) why he lost his last match, he followed up each question with "What?". It quickly became part of the wrestling crowd's vocabulary, even though Austin himself doesn't say, "What?"

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