30 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Many Fans Don't Know.


19/30. When he was going to make his WWE debut against "good guy" Bret Hart, Austin based his "don't give a damn" character from a movie called the Ice Man, a movie about a cold-hearted killer. He believes that this would give him an edge to become a villain. His ex-wife Jeanie gave him the nickname "Stone Cold". But when facing Hart, he was shocked that everyone was cheering for him. Since then, Stone Cold Steve Austin became an "anti-hero" and would use his finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, on anyone who gets in the ring with him; whether the person is good or bad.

20/30. Was the first wrestler to ever kick out of the Rock's finisher "The Rock Bottom" at Wrestlemania XV.

21/30. He was scheduled to wrestle Johnathan "The Coach" Coachman at the "Taboo Tuesday" PPV, but pulled out of the match because he learned he would be 'jobbing' to "The Coach," and said that he was not impressed with the Jim Ross storyline.

22/30. Stone Cold broke Owen Hart's neck with a Tombstone Piledriver. 5 years later, Owen Hart did the same exact move on Austin, breaking his neck.

23/30. One reason for being fired by WCW in 1995 as he was not considered to be a 'marketable' wrestler.

24/30. his theme song was based on Rage Against The Machine's song "Bulls on Parade". Stone Cold took the song to WWE's music producer Jim Johnston to make him a song based on it.

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