30 Interesting Facts About Superstar Justin Timberlake.

30 Interesting Facts About Superstar Justin Timberlake.


21/30. Justin has his own brand of tequila: 901.

22/30. On the infamous matching denim outfit he wore with Britney Spears. "God, I feel I've gone to therapy just to erase some of my fashion choices. The cornrows I wore with NSYNC. That was pretty bad. Britney and I wore matching denim outfits [to the 2001 American Music Awards]. Yeah, another bad choice. I'd probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the internet."

23/30. Timberlake openly calls himself a 'mama's boy,' and admitted to Entertainment Weekly that there was nothing that he's done that his mother doesn't know about.

24/30. 'Wardrobe Malfunction' is a phrase today’s generation is well aware of, thanks to Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance. During the performance, Timberlake tore off a part of Janet’s costume as part of the act, revealing her nipple and giving birth to the “Wardrobe Malfunction”. People have called the incident a publicity stunt.

25/30. According to reports, before their wedding an agreement was signed, according to which only Timberlake (and not Jessica Biel) is bound to pay a huge sum if he is caught cheating or being unfaithful to the marriage. The couple got married on October 19, 2012 in Italy.

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