30 Surprising Facts About Nicolas Cage.

30 Surprising Facts About Nicolas Cage.


16/30. He got a back tattoo of a lizard in a top hat and cane to “claim my own body,” adding, “other cultures have initiations into manhood and that’s what the tattoo was for me,” he told reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1994.

17/30. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts by California State University, Fullerton and also spoke at the commencement.

18/30. Cage said he realized that all great movie stars, such as Spencer Tracy, had had recognizable voices, so he has changed and stylized his own voice to be distinctive.

19/30. In 1997, he lived in a fake castle on the outskirts Los Angeles and wanted to import an authentic one from overseas.

20/30. In an interview, he revealed that when he was four, Cage would have this recurring dream in which “I was on the toilet and this giant blonde genie woman in a gold bikini would reach into the bathroom window like King Kong and pluck me off of the toilet seat and laugh at me.”

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