People Reveal The Moment They Finally Felt Like An Adult.

People Reveal The Moment They Finally Felt Like An Adult.


Growing up is a hard prospect – how do you know when you're actually considered to be "grown up"? Well these people share stories of the moment they finally felt like they had reached adulthood.

1/30. When my peers started having babies on purpose.


2/30. When I got really excited about a sale on tupperware.


3/30. 29 years old. I have experienced a whole spectrum of different things in my life. Some good, some bad, some meh. I thought that buying a house was an adult decision... Nope. I thought that seeing my first child being born was an adult experience... Nope. I thought that joining the Army was an adult decision... Nope.

Currently I am sitting in an infusion room at the hospital watching my wife receive her second of five doses of corticosteroids. She, no more than 2 hours ago, found out she has MS. I now feel I am an adult. I have no certainty of her future, our future, and feel like I am absolutely helpless. This is what adulthood feels like. We are now making decisions like when we should tell our family, what treatment options to consider, how can we afford treatments, and where we see ourselves in a decade.

I don't want to be an adult anymore. I want to be twelve years old, ignorant to the world and worry-free in my outlook in life. Being an adult sucks.


4/30. Age 23 - I woke up in my very own studio apartment on Christmas morning and nothing looked any different from when I went to bed.

Obviously I didn't actually believe in Santa at that time... but up until then I went to bed on Christmas Eve with the Tree looking one way and I would wake up to "the presents that Santa delivered".

I spent a lovely day with my boyfriend's family and later that night we traveled to my parent's house - but it's just never been the same. Now that we have a baby the magic of Christmas will return!


5/30. The first time I knew my parents were wrong but I did not correct them because I also knew that it wouldn't be of any use.


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