34 Amazing Things Most People Don’t Know About The Matrix Series.

34 Amazing Things Most People Don’t Know About The Matrix Series.


This article is based on "Matrix Trivia - IMDB", "Matrix Reloaded Trivia - IMDB", and "Matrix Revolutions Trivia - IMDB". If you're interested in reading more, check out the link at the bottom of the article.

3/34 The Matrix Reloaded promotional material was in such high demand, that distributors were extremely worried about it being stolen. To combat this, standees and banners were sent out with the code names of "Caddyshack 2" and "The Replacements". Several cinemas thought they had not received the materials due to these names, and as such, did not display them until the last minute.

4/34 The street corner where Neo and Agent Smith fight in the crater in Matrix Revolutions is the same corner where Neo made his phone call at the end of The Matrix. You can see the street signs (Pitt, Hunter, O'Connell) and the phone booth is visible to the right of the crater in Revolutions.

5/34 The Matrix theme song is played at the beginning of every Matrix movie, and with each new movie the key ascends by a semitone. For The Matrix its in the key of E, the key of F for Matrix Reloaded, and the key of F-sharp for Matrix Revolutions.

6/34 The Wachowskis originally submitted an $80 million budget for The Matrix to Warner Brothers, who balked at the price and gave them a tenth of that instead. The Wachowskis used that $10 million to film the first ten minutes of the movie and showed it to the executives as the opening scene. They also hired comic book artists Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce to draw a 600-page shot-by-shot storyboard of the entire film. The execs were so impressed that they green-lit the project at the original budget.

7/34 Matrix Revolutions opened at the exact same moment in every major city around the world on November 5, 2003: 6am in Los Angeles, 9am in New York City, 2pm in London, 5pm in Moscow, 11pm in Tokyo, 1am in Sydney, etc.

8/34 Fight director Woo-Ping Yuen initially refused to the work on The Matrix and told the Wachowskis that it was due to financial reasons. So they raised his salary. Next he told him he'd only agree to the project if he could have complete artistic control of the fights and could train the actors for four months. The Wachowskis agreed so Yuen was stuck making the film.

9/34 Only a handful of the Smith clones in Matrix Reloaded were played by Hugo Weaving. The rest were made up of actors of a similar body shape and physical structure, and Weaving's head was superimposed on them in post-production.

10/34 To film the cell phone conversation scene between Neo and Morpheus in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves actually climbed out the window of the office building without a stuntman. It was a 34-floor drop to the ground!

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