34 Mind Blowing Facts About Indiana Jones

34 Mind Blowing Facts About Indiana Jones


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2/34 Sean Connery and Harrison Ford are both naked during the entire Zeppelin scene of The Last Crusade because the studio was so hot that sweating was ruining the takes.

3/34 The original name of the lead character was Indiana Smith. His name was changed to Indiana Jones on the first day of production. His true name is revealed in The Last Crusade to be Henry Jones Jr.

4/34 An open casting call was put out to elementary schools to find a young Asian actor to play Short Round in Temple of Doom. Jonathan Ke Quan only attended as moral support for his brother who was actually auditioning, but the casting director was so impressed with how Jonathan was coaching his brother that he was offered an audition too.

5/34 Ford felt compelled to do his own stunts for the original trilogy because he felt that films were very action oriented and if he wasn't in the heart of it, there was no reason for him to be there. He sustained several bruised ribs from the scene where he's dragged by a jeep in Raiders of the Lost Ark but said that "if the stunt was dangerous, we wouldn't have done it."

6/34 Ford initially didn't want Sean Connery cast as his father in The Last Crusade because Connery was only 12 years older and the father/son relationship wouldn't be believable. In the end he enjoyed working with Connery immensely.

7/34 Ford requested that more jokes be made about Indiana's age in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because he thought it would reduce America's paranoia with aging. He also refused to dye his hair for the role because his "ambition in action is to have the audience look straight in [his] face and not the back of a stuntman's head."

8/34 In Temple of Doom Indian actor D.R. Nananyakkara did not speak a world of English and delivered his lines by phonetically copying Spielberg while the camera was rolling. The pauses in his scenes are him waiting for Spielberg to say his next line.

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