34 Mind Blowing Facts About Indiana Jones

34 Mind Blowing Facts About Indiana Jones


18/34 Harrison Ford actually outran the boulder in the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The scene was shot twice from five different angles and in one take Ford stumbled and almost fell. Spielberg thought it looked realistic and left it in.

19/34 Security for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was very tight to prevent leaks so the cast had nicknames for their daily call sheets. Harrison was "#", Cate Blanchett was "Mean Girl", and Karen Allen was "The Damsel".

20/34 Harrison Ford suffered a back injury while filming Temple of Doom and had to be flown back to LA for an experimental disc operation. While he was away Steven Spielberg used Vic Armstrong, a British stuntman, as a fill in. The two looked so similar that members of the crew kept confusing them. When Ford returned he continued to do his own stunts and filmed closeups of scenes he'd missed.

21/34 Raiders of the Lost Ark was originally given an R-rating because of the exploding head at the end of the film. Producers didn't want the rating so they added layers of fire to the actor's face in post-production to make the scene less graphic.

22/34 For the rat scene in The Last Crusade the producers asked their insurance company whether they were insured if the animals were unable to perform due to illness or accident, as one lost day of filming could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the end the insurance company wrote the world's first insurance policy with a 1000 rate deductible, though 1000 mechanical rats were also used in the scene.

23/34 Indiana Jones was voted the second greatest hero of all time by the American Film Institute. The first is Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird.

24/34 During the runaway mine cart sequence of Temple of Doom Kate Capshaw got a black eye. The next day on set everyone else showed up with a black smudge under their eye.

25/34 Indiana never loses his hat in Raiders of the Lost Ark as an homage to classic serials of the 1940s where heroes' hats stay on their heads no matter what happens. This was done because it was considered poor taste for a gentlemen to be hatless, even in a movie.

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