50 Americans Were Asked: 'What Are The Best And Worst Things About Your State?'

50 Americans Were Asked: 'What Are The Best And Worst Things About Your State?'


Mention any state in the US and someone has an opinion: "I went there on vacation and loved it!", "My aunt lives there and it's the worst", "You'd have to pay me a million dollars to go there". Sometimes you wonder if you'll ever find out what it's really like to live there, from someone who knows it best.

Americans of Reddit were asked "What state do you live in, and what are the best and worst things about living there?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Alabama

Best: We're not Mississippi
Worst: We're the second fattest, second least educated state in the country, and Birmingham is routinely in the top 10 for murders per capita by city.


2. Alaska

Best: Amazing wildlife, de-criminalized weed, and some of the best fishing in the world.
Worst: Cold, cold n wet, cold n dry.... Oh and the amazing wildlife wants to eat you.


3. Arizona

Best: Excellent Mexican food and craft beer, a lot of climate variety depending on where you live (mountains and snow up north, high desert in the south, central valley is low desert)
Worst: Poor public transportation system necessitates having a car, nobody knows how to drive when it rains


4. Arkansas

Best: There are a lot of state and national parks to enjoy all the nature. We also have the only (current) diamond mine in the US.
Worst: We are in the south so everybody assumes all the people here are uneducated, inbred, racist rednecks.


5. California

Best: Population is more fit than any other state I've been to besides Colorado, a lot of talented artists
Worst: Low air quality, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor at one point


6. Colorado

Best: The Rocky Mountains. They are basically a giant playground. They have everything, great skiing, whitewater, hiking, camping, climbing. Etc, and they are gorgeous anytime of the year. It doesn't matter if you live on the front range, the western slope or down in the San Juans. The mountains are gorgeous.
Worst: There are a lot hippies and trustafarians on the front range.


7. Connecticut

Best: Small and cozy New England state
Worst: Stereotyped into being "rich white suburban"


8. Delaware

Best: Delaware actually has a pretty damn good collection of microbreweries, but dogfish head is the most recognizable.
Worst: There is nothing to do here. Delaware is a terrible place that stretches out in front of you in an endless expanse of strip malls.


9. Florida

Best: /r/FloridaMan
Worst: /r/FloridaMan


10. Georgia

Best: People genuinely care for each other, we have an interesting blend of old Southern food and charm and the influence of the huge immigrant population that comes into Atlanta.
Worst: We're all hopelessly devoted to some of the chokingest teams in professional sports. Oh God is it heartbreaking, to watch every team we have do amazing things and then just fall off a cliff pretty much every year.


11. Hawaii

Best: The weather is always great if you like it 82-ish
Worst: A lot of people would say cost of living or something along those lines but for me it's racism. I am a pretty humble guy and I mostly keep to myself but I'm kind of tired of being called Haole.


12. Idaho

Best: Quiet, overlooked state with TONS of outdoor activities, beautiful mountains and parks.
Worst: Not a lot of culture to call our own or local cuisine.


13. Illinois

Best: Chicago is the single best thing about the state. You can get any food you could imagine in Chicago.
Worst: Some parts of the city are warzones from gang violence. Corruption is worse than the media tells you.


14. Indiana

Best: It's quiet and inconspicuous, so if there was a full-scale land invasion in the U.S. we might be overlooked.
Worst: There's not a whole lot to do here.


15. Iowa

Best: Decent College sports. There aren't a lot of cities that are wretched hives of scum and villainy.
Worst: No professional sports. People assume that we're all farmers. All the meth you could ever dream of.


16. Kansas

Best: One of the marquee BBQ styles comes from here.
Worst: The crazies. I don't know what it is, but Kansas gets all kinds of crazies. Whether religious, political (on both sides of the spectrum), or just old fashioned 'kill dudes' crazy, Kansas gets 'em.


17. Kentucky

Best: The bourbon and meth are excellent.
Worst: Everyone thinks we're all toothless, meth head rednecks, who can't read.


18. Louisiana

Best: The state has a generally laid-back attitude, as evidenced by own unofficial motto Laissez les bons temps rouler or "Let the good times roll."
Worst: High crime rates and STD rates (Baton Rouge is #1 for HIV per capita in the US).


19. Maine

Best: Quiet low population and pretty most of year. Also decent skiing.
Worst: There's a vast distance between you and stores that can take credit a lot of the time.


20. Maryland

Best: We have a lot to do. I live near Annapolis, so you have the Chesapeake Bay and sailing, historic towns all over the place. There's nothing better than picking blue crabs on a fall afternoon.
Worst: DC traffic rivals LA for shittiness.


21. Massachusetts

Best: Great seafood, and a phenomenal amount of Colleges/Universities. First with universal healthcare and legalizing same-sex marriage.
Worst: Unless I want to live 25+ miles out of the city, I need 500K to buy a crappy 2br home on a city lot, in a "near" suburb. The roads are just illogical, and a lot need improvement badly.


22. Michigan

Best: Great sports teams. GO TIGERS!
Worst: Our biggest city is bankrupt.


23. Minnesota

Best: Music scene up here is pretty good. Tons of jobs specifically for engineers.
Worst: Colder that Jack Frost's Cock. Winters overstay their welcome sometimes.


24. Mississippi

Best: Food
Worst: Economically underdeveloped


25. Missouri

Best: Lax liquor laws, cheap cigarettes, low cost of living, low taxes.
Worst: Clueless politicians, extreme poverty in both very urban and very rural areas, highest bankruptcy rate in the nation.


26. Montana

Best: Summer is amazing, upper 80's, low 90's during the day, cool in the evenings.
Worst: In the Western part of the state, winters are long a dreary, not much sun. If you don't ski, or do some kind of winter recreation, you are going to have a bad time.


27. Nebraska

Best: Lincoln has great music and the Cornhuskers football team
Worst: The weather varies from one extreme to another


28. Nevada

Best: North part is beautiful, Tahoe, Skiing, truckee river, etc.
Worst: Rest of the state is a post-apocalyptic hellhole where no life can thrive.


29. New Hampshire

Best: Live free or die! No income tax or sales tax. One of the lowest crime rates in the nation, yet gun laws are pretty lax.
Worst: Smaller state so there isn't a whole variety of stuff to do. You may only have a couple of choices for a certain activity.


30. New Jersey

Best: Quality foods in terms of Taylor Ham, pizza, subs, bagels, etc.
Worst: How everyone outside of New Jersey views us.


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