Befuddled People Share Their Most Fascinating Unsolved Mystery From Their Own Lives.

Befuddled People Share Their Most Fascinating Unsolved Mystery From Their Own Lives.


Everyone has that one thing that's happened in their own life that they just can't explain.

Here are fourteen people sharing their greatest personal mystery.

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1/14. You may remember back in 2002 a five year old girl was abducted and murdered. Her name was Samantha Runnion. She was from California. I live on the other side of the country and was 15 years old at the time. Never heard of her in my life up until her abduction. I have no explanation for what I'm about to tell you.

One night in July of 2002 I was reading an issue of People magazine. I came across an article about Samantha Runnion. Her name was in BIG letters across the first page of the article and her picture took up almost the whole page. The article talked about her abduction. There was even a picture of her mother Erin bent over, crying in pain over her daughter.

On July 15th, 2002 (which was a Monday) I watched the news on CNN of the abduction of Samantha Runnion. My mom was watching the news with me. I told her that I knew about this a couple of days ago. My mom said that she was only kidnapped that afternoon (the 15th). I got chills like you wouldn't believe. I ran upstairs and went through EVERY magazine I could find trying desperately to find that article about Samantha. Never found it. Looked for days. Nothing.

I know for a fact that I read about Samantha Runnion's abduction a few days prior to her actually being abducted and murdered. I have no idea why this happened, why I was allowed to see (or read) the future. You don't know how many times I've thought about this experience over the past 10 and a half years. It remains a big mystery in my life.

I think about Samantha and her family often. I pray that they are doing okay, considering everything they've gone through. If you feel led, please say a prayer for them.


2/14. I woke up from a nap in my room and I proceeded to walk into the kitchen. My mom was baking pies, asked me how I was doing, and then asked if I could run out to the garage (detached garage - grew up in a rural area) to grab some frozen pie dough from the freezer out there. I agree, walk outside, play with the dogs for a few minutes, then start walking to the garage. I get halfway there and the bushes rustle. A lot.I said, "hello," get no response, and walk nervously towards the garage. Next thing I know, I wake up in my bed. I walk out to the kitchen where my mom is baking pies. I tell her I had a really strange dream and then she asked me if I got the pie dough. I freaked out.


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