Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.

Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.


We've all tried to get into an establishment whilst underage. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes, we epically fail. Here, bartenders, bouncers, and liquor store employees share their funniest experience busting someone with a fake ID.

1/25. Working the door and two obviously underage girls come up. They give me their IDs.

"Are you two friends?"

"Best Friends!"

I look at one girl and ask, "What's your friend’s name?"

They looked at each other and left.


2/25. Another time, a kid came into my store and put down the ID of a guy that I went to HS with. Here's the kicker, that guy died in a car crash in 2006. So I was like, "HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET THIS ID?" and the kid freaked out. He was using a dead man's ID to try and score booze. What's worse?

I found out through yelling at the kid that the ID was his older brother's.... I never knew the younger brother at all in HS, the younger brother was 5 years younger than us. So messed up; using your dead older brother's ID to try and score booze...


3/25. I bartended for a little while, but my funniest story actually happened to me when I was under 21. It was a few months before my best friend and my 21st birthday and we were partying with our friends who were over 21 already. At college, I had learned how to "chalk" my ID by writing over it with a gel pen and spraying it with hairspray.

I'd successfully chalked mine months ago so all the info was real on it other than the year I was born. (This was before my state had barcodes on our licenses.) Before we went out, I chalked my best friend's, but I didn't do as good a job on hers as I had with mine, mainly because of time constraints. We get to the bar and all our friends go in.

I hand over my ID and the guy looks at it like he's cautious. He wipes his thumb over my birth year to see if it wipes off, but it doesn't (since it had set on there months ago) and he allows me to go inside. He's still a little suspicious when he gets to my best friend. She hands over her ID, he rubs the year with his thumb and when it wipes off he says, "Yeah, this is phoney."

My friend yells, "OH CRAP, RUN!" and flies down the street in her heels leaving her ID and me. The bouncer just looks at me and says nonchalantly, "Um...can you give this back to her? I'm not going to confiscate it. She'll be 21 in two months."


4/25. I live in Australia, where the legal drinking age is 18. Despite looking 16, I myself recently turned 18 and got a job at a fairly busy bar in the middle of the city.

Not an hour into my second shift and still quite nervous and unsure of myself manning the bar, a guy who similarly looks on the wrong side of 18 comes to the bar and asks for a vodka and coke. This was the first potentially underage customer I had encountered, so I am halfway through adding the coke when I remember that I should probably ID him.

So I stumble through asking to see some ID, and the guy out right denies to show me any, saying that I am not even 18 myself. He goes on to threaten that if I didn't serve him, he would tell my supervisor I was illegally serving alcohol.

Gus, the security guard, let him out.


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