Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.

Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.


5/25. I was a bartender at a local bar. It’s a 16+ bar because in Austria you are allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of 16. There are no bouncers or something because it’s a small bar in a small city.

So one night our local football(soccer) team won a tournament and many people come to celebrate and we had no chance to check all I.Ds because we were 2 barkeepers and about 200+ people are in the pub.

So in this pub there is a bell. When you ring that bell you have to buy a drink for everyone in the pub.

So this one night a kid rings the bell not knowing what it means. Suddenly there was cheering all around and the kid is confused. I walk over to him. Tell him what he just has done. He looks at me with pure terror in his eyes telling me he just has about 50 bucks with him.

I look at him and tell him that he has two options right now:

- Go to the ATM

- Show me his ID to prove he is not 16

He goes for option 2 shows me his ID that states he is 15 and runs out of the pub nearly crying. That was really fun to watch.


6/25. I have a friend named Latiff. He's a big guy. 6'2, 300 pounds. Used to be a linebacker in high school and a bouncer for a while after that. We went out for drinks one night at some hipster spot in Brooklyn. This bar does not have a bouncer but often deals with underage college kids trying to get in.

Latiff was dressed in his black hoodie, leather jacket and baggy jeans, and does not look like the typical patron. We had a few beers and were about to leave. As we're heading towards the door, Latiff spots some young kids coming in off the street so he drags a nearby bar stool to the front door and sits on it, crossing his arms in front of his chest. In the deepest, scariest voice he can muster he says to the kids, "IDs. IDs."

The kids crapped themselves. This is not a bar that normally has a bouncer. And they're clearly underage. One starts digging in his pocket for an ID and the other two just booked it out of there.

Latiff still gets free beer at that bar.


7/25. I had a lady refuse to sell me an 80c lighter because my license didn't match the one in her book. Her book was from 2001. This was in 2012. My state redesigned their licenses in between, but she wasn't having any of my “excuses.”


8/25. Girl I vaguely knew from around came into a local bar when I was 18. I recognized because she's around the same age as my younger brother. She was at most 15 (drinking age in my country is 18) at the time and trying to buy a double vodka and coke. So I ask her for an ID, and surprise, surprise, she has one. Hands it to me for a look and I see that it's not even a fake, it's the ID of a girl about 4 years older than her, who I also know. "This is not your ID."

"Yes it is."

"I know girl's name very well."

"Oh. Sorry" She promptly left.


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