Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.

Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.


13/25. A little different, but here goes...I was a doorman at an upscale nightclub in a corporate park in NJ - but it was near a local University, so we often had college students try to get in. One of the more creative ways was to enter with a bunch of people, and have the one without ID in the center of the "pack", hoping to get in without being carded.

So there I am one evening, doing my thing, and a whole pack of people come in at once - like twelve. In the middle of this group is a petite young radar goes off. I extend my hand into this group of friends, take her hand and say "Come with me please." I ask her for her ID.

Turns out, she had turned 40 that day - her husband had surprised her with a group outing to the nightclub, and she didn't want to go because she felt "old." My carding her made her night - she gladly showed me her ID, practically bouncing off the walls to give it to me..."Ta Da!!" She and her friends practically ran into the club, while her husband slipped me $20, saying - "That was great. I never would have thought of that on my own!"

She, her husband and her friends wound up having a great time that night - they all came to the door a few times to chat with me, and thank me again. Good times.


14/25. When I was a bar back, they let me tend during slow times. No bouncer out at that time. One week night, three clearly underaged college girls come in, already drunk, and order some mixed drinks. I ID them and go to swipe them in the reader, so I have a legit reason to deny them.

The real bartender sees this and tells me to take their order and make them their drinks with no alcohol in them. He waits 2-3 minutes, then shouts out to the bar, "OK guys, if you want a smoke, you have five minutes. The police will be here to do an ID check then and we can't have you outside when they come." They didn't quite run out, but they left quickly.


15/25. I live in a small town with a busy summer season, so I'm friends with all the bouncers at the one bar we have.

Last weekend I was talking to one of them and this girl came in, clearly underage with a fake ID. I'm in Canada and our IDs are WAY more intense than american ones. Holograms, heightened signature, secret messages hidden in your picture, the whole nine yards so it's really hard to make fake ones.

This person handed him a fake id printed on printer paper, the ink was running low so the colors were all warped and she "laminated it" with packing tape.

Our cards aren't even laminated!! They are made of plastic, i seriously thought she was kidding.

He humored her for a good 20 minutes. Asking her when her birthday was, what year she graduated (she didn't), what month her birthday was. It was hilarious, she totally thought she was going to get in.


16/25. One night a group of young college kids roll in and I card 'em all immediately. One of the smallest girls had an out-of-state ID with a crease over her face but otherwise looked legit. Asked for anything like a debit card or passport to verify and she told me she left it all in the car.

While I felt bad, I told her she couldn't stay without so off she went into the driving rain. She came back fifteen, maybe twenty minutes later soaked to the bone and plunks down driver's license, debit card, and student ID. I liked her dedication. Bought her tab.


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