Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.

Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.


17/25. I was working the door and there was a kid who couldn’t have been older than 16 try to get in with an I.D. that said he was 21 and from Pennsylvania. He still had braces, acne, the American Eagle hair swoop and not a hair on his chin. This is a bar in Louisiana. It was a slowish night so I decided to have some fun with the kid

"Pennsylvania eh? That’s quite a far ways away from here."

"Yeah I um...I’m here visiting some uh friends."

"Yeah? What do y'all like to drink up in Pennsylvania?"

"Oh, um, I just drink you know...regular stuff. Like a whiskey and vodka."

"Whiskey and vodka huh? Damn, I can’t drink those. You're a bigger man than I am. You know I think officer Roland right inside drinks those. Why don’t I ask him. Hey Roland, would you come here for a second?"

Officer Roland lumbers on over. The kid takes one look at him and makes a break for the door. Outside the door there's a metal pole that’s very inconveniently placed, except for this instance. The kid busts out of the door and nails the pole, knocking himself out and bloodying his nose. Roland is standing there with his eyebrows raised while I’m losing it. The kid comes to, stands up, and wobbles to his friends car, who I assume he was going to try to sneak in. I let him go but keep the I.D.

I don’t think he'll be back soon.


18/25. "I can call my mum, she'll tell you I'm over 18.”


19/25. I was a bartender and I was working the end of the bar close to the door. I heard the bouncer "arguing" with a person trying to get in, kept telling him it wasn't him. After a few yes it is/no it isn't he walked the guy over to me at the bar, points at me and say, it's him. The kid had my driver license. I had lost my wallet a few weeks earlier.


20/25. Former "door host" at a tourist attraction's night club here....

I was 1,200 miles from home working here. Had a girl come through my line that was supposedly from my home state. Had an ID from my state. At first glance, it just didn't look quite right. Her head in the photo area just stood out awkwardly - so I pulled out my light, absolute fake. It was also smooth - where my state's IDs at that time had a texture.

I pulled her aside, told her I could still let her in (it was 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink obviously) - but that I could not give her a wristband to drink based on the ID she handed me not being valid.

She let out an angry fury that I will never forget. Cursing me up and down that her ID is valid, that it's her driver's license - "look at me in the photo, this is bla bla" - I just stood there and took her massive rant while one of her friends stepped in standing up for her. She claims I don't know what this state's ID's look like... that I'm dumb... this and that - I point to my name tag, which has my hometown & state on it... and tell her I know what these things are supposed to look like...

Finally, I pulled out my wallet....tossed MY ID down onto the table told her "This is what they're supposed to look like. Before you start to argue with someone about what a real driver's license looks like, you might want to pick one of the other guys here that's not from the same state as your fake ID."

This brought on the tears. Oh lord did she cry. She ended up being forced to leave via security & the local police, as she had already created quite the scene.


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