Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.

Bouncers And Bartenders Share The Funniest Time They Caught Someone With A Fake ID.


21/25. Guy tried to use his friend's passport. The friend was sitting right next to him and was a different race.


22/25. Former bouncer here. Once a kid tried to use his friends ID to get in, I took it because he couldn't spell "his" last name on the ID. Friend comes to get the ID saying it was his and how he doesn't want to pay $75 to get a new one from the DMV. After telling him repeatedly he wasn't going to get it back he threatened to bring police into the mix. I gladly agreed on the idea. Police officer shows up, we both explain our sides of the story. Police officer says "Well you can go get a new ID for $75 or you can go to jail for attempting to providing to a minor and providing false information to a police officer." Guy does a 180 and walks away head down.


23/25. My friend was "busted" like this: "Anchorman" came out our freshman year of college, so of course, my friend goes for Halloween as Ron Burgundy. He nails it, awesome polyester suit, giant fake moustache, the whole nine. After pre-gaming pretty hard, he gets to the bar and hands the door guy his ID. "Are you sure?" The bouncer asks. My friend manages to slur out, "Oh yeah! You might want to let me in, I'm kind of a big deal." After a long pause, the door guy says, "Alright, just tip well." My friend gets home and realizes he left his fake ID in his room, he had shown the bouncer his real, under age ID.


24/25. I pulled this one off a few times.

I was 19 or 20, trying to buy some beer. I simply banked on the stupidity of the tellers in my town. I handed them my REAL ID, with my REAL birthdate on it. Once, the guy glanced at it and handed it back. I don't think he really cared, if he did notice.

The second time, the guy said, "You're not 21 yet, are you?"

"Sure I am!"

He reads the ID a few more times, looks up to the ceiling while silently mumbling numbers, then let me buy.

The third time I got cussed out pretty badly. He wasn't having any of my trickery.


25/25. Buying alcohol in the US, get told I'm not allowed to, at 22 years old. When I asked her why, she said because Canadians are not allowed to buy any alcohol in the US.

Got the girlfriend's American friend to buy the booze. But that was really odd reason to be turned away.



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