'Can I Use Your Food Garage?' The Funniest Stories Of Drunk New Year's Partygoers.

'Can I Use Your Food Garage?' The Funniest Stories Of Drunk New Year's Partygoers.


He drove past us and didn't stop, but then he turned around and drove past again. He went down the street and around a corner so I assumed we were safe.

I drove down the street and shortly after the cop rolls up and pulls us over. I'm sober so I'm not too worried but when he walks up to the car he has a bottle of water in his hand and asks, "hey do you guys need this?" looking at my friend slumped over in the back seat.

We all laugh and thank him and he lets us go on our way. I know he was doing his due diligence making sure I wasn't drunk but he was cool as hell about the whole thing.


19/31. He swapped clothes with his girlfriend, and stripped on the living room table for fake $100's from the game of monopoly us sober people were playing.


20/31. My best friend went over to the keg to get some beer. He pumped the keg and proceeded to spray beer all over his phone which he thought was a cup.

I was so stunned I didn't say anything for like 10 seconds and when I did he looked at me like I was stupid then looked back at his phone and threw it across the room.


21/31. A really drunk guy took the giant bowl of noodle salad and started trying to feed everyone with it. He would walk up to people and put a spoon in their mouth. He also tried selling his scarf because he owed some guy money.


22/31. On our way home after the party we got pulled over by a cop for taking too wide of a turn. It was raining pretty hard and our driver wasn't super familiar with the area.

This is when the drunk jerk laying across the back seat starts panicking and screaming, saying he knows we are getting pulled over because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. (continued...)

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