'Can I Use Your Food Garage?' The Funniest Stories Of Drunk New Year's Partygoers.

'Can I Use Your Food Garage?' The Funniest Stories Of Drunk New Year's Partygoers.


Long story short: cops don't appreciate it when they can tell someone's freaking out in the back of a car they're walking up to. Luckily, he was a cool guy, ended up giving our DD a sobriety check and sending us on our way.

We apologized for the actions of the drunk guy but it was pretty late and the cop just seemed glad we had a sober DD. But I don't recommend reaching through an open car window to try to grab at a cop, even if you're just trying to stumble through a drunken apology.


23/31. Him: "Can I use the food garage?"

Me: "The what?"

Him: "Oh, the oven."


24/31. This one guy at the party kept randomly praising the invention of balloons as "genius" and "a revolution of the mind".


25/31. My friend started belting out the theme tune to an old British kids show called Poddington Peas.

Then he started crying, and said: "when I was a kid there was an episode, about a pea who was too fat to get out of his house - all the other peas tried to help him, but they couldn't get him out. I remember identifying with that pea - that pea was me!" He cheered up once we bought him a kebab.


26/31. We had a guy who kept walking up to large groups, pulling up his front facing camera and yelling "what's up, Snapchat?" Everybody crowded into frame and cheered.

He doesn't have Snapchat.


27/31. Me and my friend made gummy worms with booze in them. At one point, someone found some tongs to pick up the worms with, and fed one to one of the girls at the party. He said he felt like a momma bird. (continued...)

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