Confused People Reveal The Weirdest Gifts They Ever Received From A Grandparent

Confused People Reveal The Weirdest Gifts They Ever Received From A Grandparent


Grandparents… gotta love em. From Corn Flakes, to vibrators, to spare tires, grandparents just seem to have a sixth sense for sending us the strangest gifts imaginable. Here are some hilarious stories of grandparents who are crushing the gift-giving game.

1. My granny was awesome. Hilarious, offensive, inappropriate, etc. My cousin and I once got arrested in Mexico and had to bribe the cops. She was the only one in the family we told about the incident, she reimbursed us the bribe money we paid.

Anyway, she got really sick and was in and out of the hospital. I had a new girlfriend I really wanted her to meet so I brought my girlfriend for the weekend to visit a couple weeks before my birthday. Right before I leave, she has two things to say. First, "I really like that girl, if you ever break up with her I won't talk to you anymore." Second, "I'm probably going to die before your birthday, so here's 50 bucks and one of my pain pills, you gotta try them, they're great." That was the last thing she said to me, she died a week later. RIP Granny, I miss you.


2. My mormon step-grandmother bought me a vibrator... She thought it was meant for massages. Very awkward Christmas to a 14yr old girl being asked to walk around the room and rub people's backs with it.


3. Growing up, my Grandma used to give me a twenty dollar bill whenever my parents and I went to see her. I would grin every time because in my mind it meant a new power ranger toy. Now I'm eighteen and she's ninety-one. Her hearing is bad, she can barely see and she most likely has some form of dementia. She doesn't have twenties in her purse anymore, so when she slips an imaginary bill into my hand saying "Spend it in the best of health", I say "I will grandma" and slide it into my pocket.


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