Couples Share The Thing Their Partner Does That Tells Them They're Still Head Over Heels.

Couples Share The Thing Their Partner Does That Tells Them They're Still Head Over Heels.


Sometimes, when you've been with someone for a long time, it's easy to take what they do for granted and lose perspective. Maybe your partner does some of these, or maybe they should.

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1. Every morning, my wife of 18 years gets up before me and makes coffee. She doesn't drink coffee.


2. I guess this is a bit more planned maybe, but my husband suddenly passed away two months ago. We had been together for 7 years, married for almost 3, and right after we got married, I left to live in another state while I was in graduate school. We would see each other relatively frequently, it was obviously very hard on both of us to be apart, but we knew it would be temporary.

Right before he died, he was on a work trip across the country, and arranged his flight with his company so that he could stop and visit me over the weekend before he returned to work. I had no idea he was coming. He conspired with one of my good friends, who went through a whole lot of trouble to get me to go out with her when really I was going to go see him.

When I saw him at the bar I was totally speechless and so happy to see him. I had been going through a rough period, and he always took care of me and helped me deal with all of the stupidity that graduate school brings.

Unfortunately, the next day he got really sick, which led to a hospital stay for him, and two days later he died of an unrelated issue. It's a giant mess right now and I miss him like crazy. But, the silver lining to all of this was that he was with me when he died.


3. My wife loves pickles. They are her favorite food in the world. When she buys pickles, she buys two jars so that there is never the possibility of running out. If we run out of pickles, it is a BFD.

When we first started dating, back before I learned about her pickle obsession, I stole the last slice of pickle from her plate. I pulled the "HEY, What's that over there?" and pointed wildly. YOINK. Pickle gone. She was LIVID. Absolutely furious that I had eaten the last pickle in the house. For WEEKS, every day she mentioned the pickle. Years passed, and she'd still make comments along the lines of "Well at least you didn't eat the last pickle. OH WAIT." etc.

It's been 9 years since the pickle debacle . My wife, being 9 months pregnant has been having insane pickle cravings. Yesterday, she gave me the last slice of pickle in the house and said "I love you this much".


4. He looks at me with googly eyes and says, "You're so prettyyyy," multiple times a day. We've been together for 9 years total, married for 2.

Also, the way we argue. He's so considerate and thoughtful with his words, even when I know he's incredibly frustrated.


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